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Just because a product is good, doesn’t mean it has to be right for everyone. Our team has gone through enough life experience collectively to be the first to admit this! And this principle definitely applies to the world of advertising and marketing.

For example, if your business wouldn't be quite the right fit for more traditional media advertisement, putting your focus toward more modern marketing strategies might help you see more success. There are many ways you could mix and match different online marketing methods together for a dynamic and effective strategy that will work best for your business.

For instance, take combining both inbound marketing and digital marketing methods at the same time for maximum results. We have seen these two methods work well together for many of our clients to garner the attention of thousands searching for information on Google, as well as increase paid and organic traffic to clients’ websites and increased sales leads, or simply grab individual's attention while they are browsing online.

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What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing exists to leverage your website’s online content to get your business’s message seen and read. Blog, vlogs, emails, white papers, landing pages, quizzes, and more are all components and terminology that go along with it.

Because these leads are looking for relevant content, they are educating themselves and are ready to listen to your complimentary info, advice, and content. Inbound marketing positions you as the industry expert. Thanks to your awesome content, you earn consumer trust and build leads that result in sales and loyal customers.

In a very non-techy nutshell...inbound marketing methods trigger Google and other search engines' algorithms to reward your content by helping people find your information. It starts working when someone types what they are looking for into the search bar that relates to what content you have published. Inbound marketing works for you around the clock by using the online tools and content you create. Over time, inbound marketing works like a well-oiled machine to increase organic traffic, sales leads, and better SEO ranking for your website over a broader period of time. 

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What is Digital Marketing?

In our modern world, the term “digital marketing” could mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Our team at fuze32 has our own definition of digital marketing that compartmentalizes a variety of different services. Before the debates start… Let us explain.

Digital marketing is a category that houses a variety of online advertising methods revolving around digital targeting. At our agency, our digital marketing team offers services such as Connected TV, targeted display, remarketing, search engine marketing (SEM), and more.

Put simply, these digital marketing methods all help you reach specifically targeted members of your intended audience, at the right place, and at the right time. The nature of digital marketing allows you to make changes more “on-the-fly” to individual materials if needed, and plans are customizable price-wise depending on your overall goals, needs, and budget.

How Can Inbound Marketing and Digital Marketing Work Together for Better Results?

Inbound marketing and digital marketing work well together because they both play off of each other's strengths. Generally speaking, inbound marketing tends to see greater results over a longer period of time, acting as a continuous marketing machine and system to attract and retain customers, increase organic website traffic, and increase brand awareness and education. Over time, inbound marketing strategies become more robust and effective as new content and inbound campaigns continue to be consistently developed and published.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, is typically more fast-acting in nature. Digital, targeted advertisements are often created and run for a specific period of time, for a specific purpose. These advertisements could be promoting a specific product, service, or offer or could be used to advertise your business in and of itself with things like recruitment advertising. While you can be specific with your ads, you can also run more generic ads for your business for a longer period of time.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to digital advertising is that you can get highly specific when it comes to who you serve your ads to. Creepy… we know. And while your phone isn’t reading your mind, it can seem like it when you get ads targeted very specifically for what you are needing or thinking of. But that is the power of digital marketing. You will be able to target your audience with things like demographics, age, gender, location, past purchases, and more. This is a great way to get more immediate results from your marketing efforts, staying top-of-mind in your intended audience's mind. And with methods such as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), you can quickly, and quite literally pop to the top of the audience's search results.

The opportunities in our modern marketing world are endless and exciting! And when you are working with the right marketing agency, the ability to mix and match marketing products and services to best meet your business’s unique needs are more customizable and offer more opportunities than many people think. Our team at fuze32 has a team of experienced professionals in both inbound and digital marketing that work together to help businesses of all kinds build effective marketing strategies that help them meet their specific goals and objectives. Contact our team today to start a conversation, and for a free consultation!


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