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Proper blogging strategy is the equivalent of an awareness campaign in radio. It consistently and strategically meets online prospects with quality information, building your online brand and extending an ongoing invitation for prospects to build a virtual relationship with your business. Premium content, then, is the online equivalent of an action. When done correctly, it provides an important shot of adrenaline that can boost website traffic, bring in more marketing qualified leads and push those “on-the-fence” prospects into purchasing mode.

What is Premium Content?

Premium content is more detailed, comprehensive information that your company provides for online consumers that answers questions they are searching for on Google. It is quality information of enough value that people are willing to exchange their contact information for it. Where blogs provide an ongoing supply of quickly digestible bites of information, premium content is a higher level of content. It can take on many different forms.

Types of Premium Content 

For example, a landing page of premium content resources may contain things like videos, webinar recordings, eBooks and white papers, case studies, checklists, graphics and charts, interactive tools like quizzes and more! Really, you are limited only by your imagination and capacity to create quality content. Most of our clients have a variety of resources available, as some information is better suited towards a specific type.

How to Achieve Premium Results  

  • Quality: Don’t worry so much about giving away information. In fact, be generous. The more information you share, the more your online prospects will trust your expertise and respond. But…make it good. While good content will make you look good…poor quality content will make you look really bad. Hire professional writers, then edit again and again. Hire professional designers to make sure your premium content looks good and is on brand. Incorporate images, graphics, hyperlinks and embedded forms to keep it engaging.
  • Topic Selection: Don’t just randomly pick topics YOU are interested in.  Find out what your prospects are asking, what they are searching for online and what is already out there. Do a keyword analysis to understand what keywords make sense for you to compete for. Certain keywords are easier to rank for than others, so find out which ones make sense for your business and build your content around those topics. Also, map your customer’s buyer's journey so that you can match content to the different questions they are asking at the different phases of that journey. Doing so will ensure interest in your premium content. If nobody’s interested in reading it, it isn’t worth much.
  • Create a Campaign: Once you have something designed, your work is just beginning. Now it’s important to create a solid marketing campaign to promote the eBook. If nobody knows it’s there, it – again - isn’t worth much. We suggest building your campaign using the following items:

o   Landing pages that look nice and are on-brand. They should give viewers a taste of what is in the eBook and sell them on why they should download it.

o   CTAs should be designed that can be used in your other blogs that links to the landing page where your eBook lives.

o   Then, create a series of blog topics that point toward the eBook. These topics provide a snippet of what is inside the eBook.  Readers who want to know more will click through to see what the eBook is all about.

o   Along those same lines, we suggest creating a blog post that is the same name as the eBook. Since Google doesn’t recognize landing pages the same way they recognize content, a corresponding blog post will get the job done nicely.

o   Lastly, be sure to drive all your marketing around that eBook for a period of time on your social media channels, your traditional marketing and your paid digital advertising.

Premium content works for your inbound marketing, in the same way an action campaign works in your branding…it provides a valuable turbo boost that will get your business noticed…and respected…online.

Remember, the purpose of premium content isn’t about sharing information.  It’s about using information for the purpose of positioning your business as a trusted authority, driving your website to the first page of search results for as many keywords as possible, and inviting MQLs (marketing qualified leads) through your website. Bottom line, your website should be making you money. A solid well-planned premium content strategy will do that.


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