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In recent years, there has been a significant shift in the way people consume TV content. Long gone are the days of pursuing the TV Guide to determine what to watch during the week on a few basic channels, and then planning an evening around that schedule. Not only has this change altered the way people enjoy TV content substantially, but it has changed the landscape for TV advertisers as well. This eBook will tell you everything you need to know to connect your business with connected TV and why it's an advantageous way to advertise to today’s “on-demand” society.

About Connected TV

Connected TV (CTV) allows users to stream video through their internet connection. While this can be utilized via a smart TV, there are other streaming devices that can access CTV services. Connected TV allows you to place ads on the TV, which will be viewable when using CTV services. The three main Connected TV streaming providers include subscription-based video on demand, advertising-based video on demand, and multichannel video programming distributors, all of which offer slightly different advertising options. 

Why Consumers Love CTV

Viewers greatly benefit from Connected TV services thanks to the unique viewing experience it provides. They can watch what they want when they want. CTV is experiencing exponential growth and is expected to increase up to 82% by 2023. Although it hasn’t happened yet, it isn’t beyond reason to expect CTV to eventually exceed other TV viewing methods, even cable. 

Why Advertisers Love CTV

There are many benefits of CTV to you as an advertiser. They include the following factors:

  • Specialized Targeting: Connected TV helps you as an advertiser reach viewers that you would normally not access via linear TV watching. Consequently, you can more specifically market to your target audience and their preferences. 
  • Cost-Effective: CTV gives advertisers different ways to present content to consumers. This means you can create ads as long or as short as needed. You can even reuse ads, which is a more cost-effective way to advertise. 
  • Saves You Money: Since you can address your target audience, this means you get more bang for your advertising buck by making more effective ads. This means you will save money by not creating ads that will be wasted on people who aren’t interested in your product and/or service. 
  • Better Tracking: Because of the CTV format, you can determine who is watching your ad and then optimize brand awareness for your brand.
  • Reuse TV Production: You can reuse ads via CTV through network outlets like NBC, ESPN and CBS. 
  • Quick Adjustments: Not only can you access data for advertisement viewing, but you can adjust your marketing strategy quickly to improve your conversion rate. 
  • Better Ad Targeting: This means you can target products to consumers who will have a real interest in your products. 

For more information on Connected TV and to download our new eBook, Connect Your Business with Connected TV. This comprehensive eBook will go more in-depth on Connected TV and why you should be using it as part of your current marketing strategy! 


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