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In life, there are ebbs and flows where relationships work, and then they just don’t any longer. We have all been there. While it isn’t the same feeling emotionally, professional relationships can sometimes fizzle out as well. If you have been struggling with your current marketing agency, you don’t have to stay in the relationship if it’s not working out! There are many fish in the preverbal sea of marketing professionals, and you can choose a better way for the success of your business. Now, onto how to recognize it is time to make a change to break up with your marketing agency:

You’ve Been Having Communication Issues

George Bernard Shaw once said, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” This quote exemplifies what happens many times in our professional relationships, like the one between your company and your marketing agency. You are unhappy about something but are either unable to communicate the problem clearly to your marketing agency, or they are simply unable or unwilling to make necessary changes to meet your requests or address your needs. This leads to a breakdown in communication where your marketing agency is no longer on the same team or trying to meet the same goals. Of course, lack of communication could also include having trouble getting them to answer their phone and/or return emails. Both scenarios are problems and a potential red flag indicator that you need to move on to another marketing agency. 

There Has Been Minimal Reporting

A highly skilled marketing agency should be able to report to you exactly what they are doing and the results of those efforts. If they are unable to give you reports that showcase positive changes, increased customer engagement or other indicators, you have to wonder what exactly you are paying for when hiring this agency. 

They Don’t Meet Set Goals

Another potential problem is a marketing agency that sets specific, achievable goals but somehow always fails to meet them. One example of this could include a promise to grow your email subscription listing by a percentage that they then fail to meet. Of course, it’s possible and even understandable to fall short sometimes of some goals. After all, global catastrophes or natural disasters can happen, and then you have to adjust your goals to reasonable standards that take these factors into consideration. However, if your marketing agency is failing to meet more goals than they reach, you likely have a problem.

They Don’t Understand You (Or Your Industry)

We get it, your marketing agency is not going to be as knowledgeable about your business’s goals as someone within your industry. That’s why good marketing agencies make themselves experts in the fields in which they serve, so they are able to better quantify goals that matter to each individual business. For example, in your company, email subscriptions might not matter, but some other factor might, which demands an entirely different marketing approach. Ideally, your marketing agency will understand your business well, and be able to create campaigns that meet your goals.

They are Lacking in the Creative Department

Is your agency lacking in their creative vision for your business' brand? What we mean by this is that your agency should be coming to the table regularly with new and innovative creative marketing solutions that they believe will help your business succeed. Even more than this, they should be able to put a creative vision to your business' marketing message overall. 

You Want Things They Can’t Offer

If your business has specific marketing needs that your current marketing agency simply cannot meet, you need to consider this a red flag indicating that it is likely time to move on. Your business should never be handicapped or limited in any way by the inabilities of your marketing agency. 

You’ve Already Started Looking For Someone Else

If you have found yourself either wholeheartedly or casually looking for other agencies, this is an indicator that you are unhappy with your current marketing professionals and should likely move on.

Bottom Line: Here’s Your Sign

A break-up is unpleasant no matter what prompts the demise of the relationship. We hope these signs that it's time to break up with your marketing agency have brought some awareness for you and your business. At fuze32, we are committed to our clients and want to partner with them, so they see long-term success and consistent growth through their marketing efforts. We are a full-service agency and would love to strike up a conversation to help you get on the right track! 


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