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We’re issuing a friendly challenge…

Google your business. We dare you! But here’s the key: We don’t just mean to Google your actual business name and your location. Even the worst developed websites in the world will show up if you input your exact name and the city or town you’re located in.

No, when we say, “Google your business,” we mean that you should Google it the way that consumers would if they were searching for information about a problem they’re facing or a solution to such a problem.

Here’s an example:

Our sister company, Zimmer Communications, knows that their target persona, or their ideal “perfect fit” of a customer who they know that they can solve problems for, may or may not know the name “Zimmer” or have even heard of Columbia, Missouri. But you know what they do know? They’re tired of advertising methods that simply do not work and they're curious if radio advertising can help spread their message and get more customers to their website or to their door. 

They turn to Google for answers. They search, “Radio advertising.” Zimmer has spent the last four years producing and promoting online content on that topic, all of which is strategically designed to appear in Google search results for that query. Because of that, they're listed on the first page of Google for this search! So, next thing you know, these online searchers are on Zimmer's website, educating themselves, and hopefully, moving further through their buyer’s journey and closer to making an eventual purchase with them. 

So, Here’s The Truth…

Does it take time and effort for your business to show up on the first page of Google? Absolutely. But is it possible if you take the time to understand your target persona inside and out and you produce the content that’s strategically designed to meet them in their moment of need? ABSOLUTELY!

So, take a moment right now. Go to Google. Search something that someone in need of your services would likely search. (Think way back to what they would be thinking before they would ever even dream of contacting you directly.) Here are a few examples:

A pest control provider may search:



A vascular surgeon may search:


A lawyer may search:


You get the picture. So, go to Google. See what comes up. Is it you? Great! You’re on the right track to gaining website visitors, generating leads, and developing thought leadership! But if it’s not you, then the reality is that the opposite is occurring. Your business’ direct competition is gaining website visitors, generating leads, and establishing thought leadership in your industry! You could be losing the Google battle.

If that’s the case, the good news is that it’s not too late to get in the fight! Inbound marketing is your business’ solution to remaining relevant on Google and producing content that educates consumers, generates leads, and establishes you as the industry expert over your competition.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t waste any more time falling behind online! Get to Google and see what you find! If you don’t like what you see, then come right back here and take a look at our eBook below to learn a little more about how inbound marketing can solve this crisis for your business!



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