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It’s a common question: “What does your company do?”

Your answer, however, says a lot about your company focus. Would you give a rundown of the items that you sell and the services you provide? Maybe you’d also share a little about your company history. Or, would you respond by talking about the customers you work with and why, emphasizing the problems you solve for them and what they appreciate most about working with you? 

One question - two completely different responses. One is company-centric and the other customer-centric. It’s a question that begs another question: How well do you know your customers? We’d like to propose that a company target persona can be a game-changer for your business…one that impacts not just sales, but service and marketing as well.

Most businesses have a better understanding of what they do, than who they do it for. Because they lack a company target persona, they don’t have a handle on the customer profile, demographically or qualitatively, that guides internal decision-making for every department from sales to marketing to service. As a result, businesses waste millions of dollars chasing leads that shouldn’t be chased, investing in marketing campaigns that don’t connect with their actual customer base, and failing to service their customers in a way that sets the stage for repeat business.

Because customers are the life-blood of any business, a Target Buyer Persona is the single most impactful part of any business strategy. In a nutshell, it’s not about you. It’s about them. And if they can’t relate to what you’re doing…you won’t be in business long. Operating your business without a buyer persona is like driving in a new city without a GPS. You burn a lot of fuel trying to find your destination, and you may not end up where you’d hoped.  

Our Director of Sales, Carrie Berkbuegler, has seen the benefits firsthand of having a solid buyer persona. Taking the time to do the research and understand your customer improves, not just sales, but every aspect of your business.



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