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If you find yourself not getting the results you want from your digital marketing campaigns, you are not alone. In fact, businesses regularly face challenges when it comes to digital marketing. This can be a frustrating experience, especially after all the time and resources that are put into campaigns that don’t seem to be yielding the desired results. 

If you find yourself in this predicament, there are thankfully some actionable steps you can take to fix the issues. Together, we will explore the most common roadblocks and how best to overcome them to get you back to get the most out of your digital marketing investment.

1. You Have a Poorly Defined Target Audience

Any marketing efforts you put forth will be less effective if not completely ineffective if your target audience is not well-defined or if you are targeting it incorrectly. Your target audience is simply the people who you are aiming your marketing towards, the people who are most likely to buy from you. Consider your clients’ common age, gender, and other specifics to create a unified target persona.

Fix It: To best address this issue and correct the problem, invest in Target Persona research to better define your audience or identify them in the first place. Then, take this information and use it to hone in on your market efforts, making them much more effective.


2. You Have an Unclear Marketing Message

Another common problem that can result in your digital marketing not working as designed is not having a clear or consistent marketing message. This makes your message difficult or impossible to understand. Your messaging should include a clear explanation of your product or service, it should solve problems or address pain points for your audience, and it should promote brand loyalty and trust.

Fix It: Thankfully, you can fix this pretty easily simply by developing a clear and consistent message strategy across all your marketing channels. Inconsistent messaging confuses your audience and undermines trust in your brand. 

3. You Have an Inadequate Budget

Let’s face it, in many aspects of life you get exactly what you pay for, and therefore, many times digital marketing efforts fail because you as a business owner are lacking the marketing budget you need. Consequently, you will find yourself with a limited reach in terms of your marketing efforts. Keep in mind that marketing powers your entire business growth, so this most certainly shouldn’t be an area where you skimp.

Fix It: To fix this issue, review your marketing budget regularly and allocate additional resources to your digital marketing efforts if at all possible. Remember, the average investment in marketing is 7-10% of your annual sales revenue. Marketing is an investment in the future of your business. You are investing in your own success.

4. You Are Not Tracking and Measuring Results

Another common issue that can derail the effectiveness of a digital marketing campaign is not tracking or measuring results. Imagine, if you will, someone telling you to shoot an arrow at a target about thirty yards away. Now, if there was a target visible, then this was something you could either measure as a success or failure. If no target was present, how would you know if you succeeded or failed in your goal? It is just as pointless to launch a marketing campaign and not define the specific results you want and not track those measurements.

Fix It: It’s an easy enough fix to rectify this situation. Set your goals and then track your progress. This will let you know what is and what is not working within your campaign. This will help you know where you need to allocate more resources and where you might want to back off. It will make each dollar you spend go that much further.Growth mode marketing ebook download

5. You’re Not Using The Right Channels For Your Marketing

You can explore many marketing channels in terms of your marketing efforts.  Common digital marketing channels include social media marketing, inbound marketing, email marketing, and more. It's crucial that you identify the right channels for your audience as well as your message. If you don’t link these two, and properly target your audience with a channel where they can be found, you can be sending the right message in the wrong way. It won't be as effective as it could be. 

Fix It: Identify your target audience and determine the channels where your desired audience is most active. Then, they are more likely to see your messaging as well as to complete the next steps.

6. You Can’t Keep Up

Marketing is an ever-evolving industry. So is your business. If you fail to adapt to changes in the digital marketing landscape, your marketing efforts will quickly become obsolete. It can be overwhelming. If you haven't looked at or altered your digital marketing campaign in several years it's time to evaluate your strategy. It may be time to make some changes.

Fix It: A good marketing partner will provide you with quarterly reports on the progress of your campaign and will recommend changes needed to keep it moving in the right direction. They will also let you know about new trends or advancements that will help your campaign be more successful. Lean on your marketing agency to fill in the gaps and take care of important details that you are not able to handle by yourself. 

Stay on Top of Your Campaign

It’s important to realize that digital marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. The key to success is staying flexible, measuring and tracking your progress, and adapting as you go. At fuze32, we are happy to help you implement all these solutions into your current marketing strategies. We understand that staying on top of the trends in terms of marketing as well as the latest data metrics can be time-consuming. Contact us and let us do the hard work for you, as you sit back and enjoy targeted, innovative, and engaging digital marketing results. 


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