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From the second Baby Yoda made his first on-screen appearance in The Mandalorian by Disney+, everyone who's anyone has been obsessed with this character. Have you ever wondered why that is, though? Why the obsession with this character?

Disney Knows Their Audience… Maybe Too Well

Well, first of all, Disney, the company that produced The Mandalorian, knew their target audience well. They knew that the people watching would flip for Baby Yoda and man were they ever right! You might be asking yourself right about now why this matters to you as a business. Well, in short, it matters because if you find your own “baby yoda” and get your customers to fall head over heels in love with your product, service or company, your customers will fall in love with you just like Star Wars fans fell in love with that little furry green guy.

Disney knew their target audience extremely well. They knew the characters that were beloved, and they knew how to add in another that would be well-received. They were not about to create another Jar Jar Binks debacle. This annoying, foolish, bumbling character first appeared in Star Wars: Episode I-The Phantom Menace. Many feel his inclusion was a misguided attempt to dumb down the series and connect with a younger audience. It was a horrible failure though and true Star Wars fans in most cases detest Jar Jar Binks. No, Disney was not about to make that same error. Of course, having a clear picture of what would and wouldn’t work was only possible because they knew their clientele. They knew that the inclusion of Baby Yoda would be a great addition to the Star Wars universe and not one that people wondered why in the world it happened like they did with Jar Jar. 

Two Words: Target Persona 

You as a business owner must also recognize your target audience and create ways to market towards them. Then, you can further define your target audience to create your target persona. In short, a target persona is simply customers or prospects that you want to attract to your business that are likely buyers or individuals who would appreciate your services. However, it goes even further than this and looks at consumer needs, pain points and their buying process. Look at your target audience as a literal target, your target persona is the bull's eye. Your target audience is still hitting within the edges of the target but not quite making it directly into the bull’s eye. It’s a bit too broad. 

Don’t Wait to get to know your audience, Here’s How to Start 

Obviously, the way to create a target persona will vary based on your type of business and your industry. However, learning the following factors about your desired customers can help you get closer to creating that target persona:

  • Income
  • Marital status
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Geographic location 
  • Buying habits 
  • Social media preferences 

Once you have this information, ask yourself who wants or needs the product or service you are selling? Then use this information to further close in on your target persona. 

ELE = Everyone Loves Everyone… With These Strategies in Place 

The following are additional ways to encourage your target persona (which you just learned how to create) to fall in love with your product or service just as Star Wars fans did with Baby Yoda:

  • Focus on user needs: Don’t push the value of your product alone, instead answer the question of how your product will help someone.
  • Over-deliver: Always deliver more than you promise. A good rule of thumb in business is “always under promise and over-deliver”. Throw in a sample with an order or give an unexpected discount. 
  • Tell your story: Don’t get too salesly but tell your target persona/consumer your background, your story, what makes your brand different. Tell them a story. Make them love your version of Baby Yoda. 

Need Help Developing Your Brand’s Baby Yoda?

While we at fuze32 cannot help you create the actual Baby Yoda character, we can help you find your own version of this little guy for your business. Contact us today and let us help you better define your target audience and even more specifically your target persona and create marketing strategies to bring in those customers. Don’t worry, we won’t try to throw a Jar Jar Binks at you. We will only suggest beneficial additions to your current strategy. 

Image Editorial Credit: Willrow Hood / Shutterstock 



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