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Originally published 10/9/19 - Updated 11/22/22

The proverbial sales pipeline. Keep it full, and life is good. Let it run dry and it's the stuff that produces nightmares. Lead generation continues to be a huge source of frustration for many businesses, with 63 percent pointing it out as their biggest marketing challenge.

Sales reps spend a lot of time and money pursuing leads, only to lose 1 (or more) out of every 4 in the process. You know that quality matters just as much as quantity. What you may not have known is that a solid inbound marketing strategy can make lead generation easier and more effective.

The Importance of Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is designed to attract customers to you by positioning your business as a trusted resource in all phases of its buyer’s journey. Your prospecting plan in today’s digital environment should contain the right balance of “attract” vs “attack.” Focus on encouraging prospect engagement through your online presence. Let their natural interests lead them to you through quality content, SEO best practices, email outreach, and targeted advertising

CTA - How to Generate More Leads Through Your Website

1. Quality Blog Content

People love content. It shows in the amounts consumed via desktop and mobile devices each day. The best chance you have of standing out against competitors is your blogging quality. Your content should give visitors information that solves their problems. The one thing visitors hate is being drawn in by the promise of one thing, only to find themselves hoodwinked for a quick click.

You are more likely to draw in viable leads when your blogs address the questions visitors ask when doing an internet search. A quality content writer can break the content down into a more readable format and match it to stages in your prospect’s buying journey. 

2. Incorporating SEO

A great blog is of little benefit if people can’t find it or don’t know it’s there. Your placement on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) makes a big difference in attracting the right leads. People often enter common words and phrases when asking questions in search engines or hunting for information on a specific product or service.

You are more likely to generate viable leads by incorporating these keywords into your website, social media, and advertising content. Your goal is to make it easier for quality leads to locate your business by integrating keyword strategies that improve your SEO and help prospects find your content.Growth mode marketing ebook download

3. Targeted Email Marketing

The scattershot approach of sending out emails to any and everyone should be retired immediately. Instead, create targeted email lists aimed at various audiences and even individuals. Customize the tone of emails and make sure there is relevant information that appeals to different segmented lists.

Also, the use of content marketing software like Hubspot has the added benefit of tracking an individual’s journey through the content you offer, enabling you to personalize your email follow-up to be specific and relevant to that person’s engagement. People love personalization! The ability to customize the conversation with a prospect is key to having them read and respond to your emails.  

4. Marketing & Promotion

All the effort you put into building a great website and associated social media channels will go for nothing if you don’t promote it properly. You’ve invested time and energy into creating great content…you need to let people know it’s there. Go where your prospects are. The goal is to share, share, share. If you chose social media, make sure you’re using channels that match your target audience.

Make sure your traditional advertising supports your digital content strategy. Talk about your blog in your marketing campaigns with radio, magazine, and digital ads. Everything should work together to build your brand.

Leads are the lifeblood of business, and lead generation doesn’t have to be a struggle. Make it easier by leveraging every asset, including your website, in attracting more of the right leads to your business. Work smarter with an inbound marketing content strategy.

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