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Originally posted 4/30/33 - Updated 11/25/22

You’ve been doing things the same way you’ve always done them - and tradition dictates that you place one ad in each issue of a magazine. A good plan, right? Yes...if satisfying the confines of tradition is your goal.

However, the goal in advertising is about generating results. In magazines, you do that by making a campaign that stands out from the crowd. For that reason, stepping outside of tradition and doing things a different way yields tremendous results. People notice, and that’s kinda the whole point. If you haven’t considered why or how to leverage more than one ad per issue, here are a few examples of how it’s worked for other businesses.

It’s not just about advertising frequency...although that’s a pretty good reason. Advertising success is based on frequency. Sometimes, though, it’s about standing out from the competition in a unique way. Other times it’s about having so much to say, there’s no way you can say it all in one ad. Whatever the reason, stepping out of your box to run multiple ads per issue is a great way to advertise. Here are 6 ideas from businesses that did just that.How-to-Know-If-You-Are-Ready-to-Hire-a-Marketing-Firm-eBook

Idea #1

Reinforce a single event by highlighting different aspects in different ads.  The ads look similar so that a reader knows it’s the same event, but the central image and the highlighted text change. Readers recognize patterns and notice the differences, therefore reading and paying attention to each ad. 

A bridal showcase placed three smaller ads throughout the magazine - each with a different main image and each showcasing a different aspect of the show. The ads were designed similarly with a consistent layout, but with different feature images (in this case, flowers) and different information. 

Idea #2

Sometimes, a series of smaller ads have more impact than a single full page. Strategic size and placement offer a difference that readers notice and remember. 

A landscaping business placed three consecutive ⅓ -vertical ads on the outside edge of a right-hand-read so that when you turned the page, your hand landed on 3 beautiful images of flowers...just in time for spring planting.

Idea #3

Play around with font, text, and images. If you’re going to step away from tradition...why not make it a BIG step? Readers will remember.

A bank ran a similar campaign as the landscaping company, with consecutive ⅓-vertical ads, but with the added uniqueness of having each ad designed horizontally so that you had to turn the page to read the ad. Unique? Yes. Memorable? Yes. Successful? YES!

Growth mode marketing ebook downloadIdea #4

Use the information as our lure to entice readers to look for the different ads and spend time reading the information in each - almost like a mini-treasure hunt. 

A quick lube for automobiles ran a series of ads, each offering a travel tip for summer vacation. Each ad was branded similarly, but each ad gave the reader a reason to stop and read the information. The result? Three times the recall of previous ad campaigns. 

Idea #5

Run 3 completely different ads, each with its own unique look and purpose. It may be more subtle, but readers are attracted to different things. What appeals to one may not appeal to another. Showcase different aspects of your business in totally different ways. 

A medical practice ran a campaign where each of the three ads in a monthly issue had a completely different focus. One was a “regular” full-page ad promoting their services. Another ad was a full-page employee profile introducing that staff member to the reader. The third ad was a full-page “advertorial” - an article they’d written designed to look similar to the magazine’s regular editorial, written by a different doctor each month. It shared helpful information that educated the reader and positioned the team as trusted professionals. Different ads, each with a completely different look and purpose...and it worked. 

Idea #6

When you have a lot of information to share or a lot of different products to feature, don’t try to cram it all in one ad. The most effective magazine ads focus on a single product or service, and when you’ve got more to more ads!

A jewelry store was running a promotion on engagement rings, promoting their diamond exchange program, AND celebrating a brand new product line featuring high-end pre-owned handbags. Three distinct products to promote and WAY too much information for a single ad. Three separate ads, one for each product, made the most sense...and generated the best results.

Habit and tradition can be good. Things like socks that match and plain macaroni and cheese are good, at least we thought they were...until somebody broke tradition and showed us some amazing options that we hadn’t considered before.

In advertising especially, we should be free to break away from the norm and stand out from the crowd. After all, it’s about results. Want to consider the options with an award-winning out-of-the-box marketing team? Call us for a consultation. First one’s free.

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