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Macaroni is tasty. So is cheese. Separately, they’re good - but combine the two and something magic happens. It’s the same with Tuesdays and tacos… and bacon and eggs. The fact is, while some things can easily stand on their own, if you blend them with the right partner, the resulting combination takes things to a whole new level. Many businesses are entering the world of inbound marketing and enjoying tremendous success. Likewise, traditional marketing, such as radio and magazines, has a long history of driving advertising results. Marketers may be feeling compelled to choose one or the other.

Do they stay with the tried-and-true, or do they venture into new territory? Many are discovering that the right answer isn’t an “either-or” solution. It’s “both!” The reality is that the combined 1-2 punch will help your advertising succeed even faster.

Read on to find out why inbound marketing and traditional marketing make such a great team and how your business can leverage them both for maximum results.How-to-track-your-marketing-ROI

Engage Mobile Consumers

While it’s true that most people are online, not everyone is online all the time. Using traditional marketing along with an inbound strategy will build brand recognition much faster. With 96% of adults having a smartphone and with radio being the biggest “go-anywhere” medium available, you’ll reach a mobile society with timely information about your products and services. No matter where your prospects are, or what they are doing, you’ll be able to invite them to do business with you regardless.

Establish Yourself As The Authority

Education is an important part of an individual buying cycle and something prospects are already doing online. Remaining silent and waiting until a prospect contacts you means you’ve missed a valuable opportunity. Leverage your prior investment of time, money, and energy in building your company’s brand by giving consumers helpful and relevant information in the form of blogs, eBooks, and videos or podcasts. You’ll position yourself as the authority in your industry, build trust and become a resource for consumers while giving them a reason to continue doing business with you.

Promote Content

Don’t view your advertising media simply as independent players. It’s all about teamwork. Use your traditional advertising to increase the success of your inbound marketing. Promote your blogs and premium content to the masses. Using those topics in your traditional campaign expands the search-ability of your content and drives traffic to your website. Help people find your blogs more quickly and you’ll see results faster.

Cultivate New Customers

Before they ever pick up the phone or walk into your business, consumers are turning to Google for help with problems and answers to questions. Therefore, the time to capture a prospect’s attention is very early in their buyer’s journey. Inbound marketing and consistent traditional marketing place your business in a position to be there when a prospect is still in the discovery phase of their decision-making. You’ll be able to win customers’ trust before they have a chance to even consider your competition.

With traditional advertising strategies and an inbound content plan, you can have your marketing cake and eat it too. Either traditional or inbound solutions will help your business have a strong competitive presence in the market - but combine the two and you'll do more than just compete in the marketplace... you'll own it.

Setup a no-obligation consultation with our team of professionals at fuze32. We'll help you leverage the best of both worlds to achieve maximum results for your business. 


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