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Every big decision in life deserves careful consideration and hiring a marketing agency is no exception. Not every agency is right for everyone (or every business, for that matter) and our team is aware of this. That's why if one of our services or our agency at fuze32 Marketing overall isn't the right fit for a business in order to help grow and meet their goals and objectives, we are the first to admit this and are happy to refer them elsewhere.


You want to make sure that any agency you employ is highly qualified to handle your business. Transparency is key here! So to ensure you are hiring only the best agency for your business, here are some questions you should be asking during the interview process, and how if you were working with our team at fuze32, we would be answering these questions. 

Q: How will we get started?

When you start working with one of our account managers, we’ll launch an investigation into your business and industry trends. As we understand your goals, where you’d like to grow, and what you want to accomplish with your business or brand in the next 3-5 years, we conduct research to identify market potential. With a network of research tools at our fingertips, that information fuels the strategy we propose. We won’t just tell you what we propose but will explain why we believe it to be your best fit solution. Your brand strategy will be custom-designed for your specific objectives, your specific target audience, and your specific business.

But in order to do all of this, and before we deliver our proposed strategy, we will conduct our famous brand strategy session. You sit around the table with a hand-picked creative team, and for 90-minutes, we’ll ask questions and listen to you talk about your business. We’ll hear your heart and soul, your dreams and passions, your goals, and your fears. That information is like gunpowder in a stick of dynamite. It fuels our creative team and inspires them to go to work for YOU.

Q: How do we measure success?

This is a doozy and a great way to start our interview question suggestions. The answer to this question can be unique to your business. There are certain metrics that we look at as part of our standard practice, but there are also important metrics that are determined by your unique business goals.

We take time to thoroughly understand your business and what you consider success. Then we align our strategy, and therefore also the campaign metrics, to point toward those goals. Once we agree on those goals, we create the campaign that will get you there. In regular monthly meetings, we spend time reviewing metrics to make sure we’re moving in the right direction.

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Q: What is your industry experience?

This is a tricky one. On one hand, it’s good to know an agency can handle a marketing campaign in your industry. On the other, the last thing you want is a cookie-cutter campaign by an agency that assumes that, because they’ve done it once, they somehow are now experts for every business in that category. We know that’s just simply not true.

While two businesses may be in the same industry, their goals, passions, market areas, personality, phase of business, story are as unique as a fingerprint. We never assume that just because it worked for one business, it will also work for you. And we’re never arrogant enough to assume that, just because we’ve done marketing for a similar industry somewhere else, does not automatically make us an expert in yours. We prefer to think of each business as unique and therefore worthy of the best we have to offer.

We hope that these questions and our given answers have sparked some ideas to ask any potential marketing agency you are considering working with, whether it is us or not. And we hope our answers to these questions have given some insight into what we are about, and what we have to offer! Hiring a marketing agency to partner with is a big commitment, and should be approached with intentionality. If you are at all interested in working with our team at fuze32 Marketing, download our free eBook introduction to learn more about who we are, and what we do!


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