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It doesn’t matter if you are the most successful business, the mark of all truly great organizations is the desire to grow, and for constant improvement. And of course, the main way of doing this would be to increase your business’s revenue and bottom-line, which is not always easy. 

Having your sales team intentionally pursuing an increase in sales leads takes time and intentionality, so wouldn’t every sales team dream of a way to attract and engage sales leads 24/7 essentially without any effort on their part? Well, this is actually possible, read on to learn more!

CTA - How to Generate More Leads Through Your Website

Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing

First, think about your current marketing tactics in attracting and nurturing sales leads. Right now, we will focus on two marketing categories. Inbound and outbound marketing both have their advantages and strengths, and the truth is that they work best, to a certain extent when paired together.

Outbound Marketing is referred to as traditional marketing or interruption marketing. The ad or message is printed or broadcast to the masses in hopes of generating leads and sales. This marketing method continues to be a highly effective way of building your brand to a bigger, broader audience.

On the flip-side, outbound marketing can make it very time-consuming to follow up on leads with telephone calls, emails, and face-to-face. Today's savvy consumers are so overloaded with messages that they are extremely selective of what information they accept. This makes outbound marketing more and more difficult to generate valuable on-target leads.

This is where inbound marketing can showcase its strengths. In a very non-techy nutshell...inbound marketing triggers Google and other search engines' algorithms to reward your content by helping people find your information. Inbound marketing is leveraging online content to get your brand’s message seen and read. Blog, vlogs, emails, white papers, landing pages, and infographics are all pieces that can be put together to create the puzzle that is an inbound marketing strategy.


So, how does inbound marketing work to practically bring in more quality sales leads to your company through your website? fuze32's Director of Sales, Carrie Berkbuegler explains this further in the video below:


What You Need for an Inbound Strategy That Attracts the Leads You Need

  • Buyer's Journey: First, you need to determine what you want your buyer’s journey to look like. More importantly, you need to put some real thought into what your customers want their buying experience to look like. From attracting, to engaging, to finally delighting your customers and sales leads to make a final sale, you should give them the most engaging and easy-to-navigate buying experience.
  • Buyer Persona: Now, it is time to focus on your target audience, and create buyer personas. When you think of the people that would benefit most from your product/service, or are most likely to search for your product/service. Once you determine this, you can then tailor your content and message to these individuals in a more targeted way.

  • Quality Content: If you want to publish content on your business’s website that attracts the sales leads you want and need, it needs to be top-quality. In our digital landscape that is so saturated with content of all kinds, customers have strong BS detectors and can sniff whether or not you are credible from a mile away. Not only this, but they don’t want to hear about last month’s company picnic. So, your writing, graphic design, video, and email marketing materials should be clear and informative, eliminating confusion and sparking interest to learn more in order to make a buying decision. And if we’re talking about blog content, it should also be formatted correctly so that Google likes it, too!

These are typically the key elements to focus on as one starts inbound marketing efforts for their business. Of course, there is much more that could be mentioned, but we have worked with enough businesses to implement inbound marketing strategies to know that these methods not only bring in quality sales leads but to increase trust and loyalty to your brand’s existing customer base. Contact our team of inbound marketing professionals today to start a conversation to see how inbound marketing could help your business reach its goals!


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