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Are you struggling to find great salespeople with the uncanny ability to convert new customers and upsell current clients? If so, you’re definitely not alone. Nowadays, it’s common for job listings to go unanswered, leaving business owners without the top talent needed to grow their companies. Thankfully, you can get around this frustrating problem by making inbound marketing work for you. When you successfully employ best practices for content marketing, an inbound strategy will serve as your top salesperson, willing to work 24/7/365.

Want to get started? Inbound marketing has an impressive sales resume! Here’s a look at just what skills inbound marketing brings to the table:


Inbound marketing targets qualified leads and put the spotlight on your company better than any salesperson could hope to do. A great inbound strategy starts with an understanding of what your customers are searching for, after all, plus answers all their questions in full. Through that process, a quality content strategy provides each prospect with a wow-worthy experience, gearing them up to complete their purchase with your company. In fact, inbound excels at finding prospects before your other sellers - or your competition - even know they are in the market. 

Closing Ratio

In the business world, prospects raise their hand by heading online to access information. With that move, they jumpstart the buyer’s journey and start moving through each stage of the buying funnel. Helping potential customers move seamlessly from awareness to comprehension to conviction, and finally, to action, inbound marketing lights the way. It engages prospects at each step in their journey with helpful and relevant information, inspiring them to take the next step. In fact, when inbound strategies engage with prospects, the resulting closing ratio is much higher than you could ever hope to achieve with cold calling.

Work Ethic

When set up just right, inbound marketing works 24 hours a day, seven days a week – and never, ever takes a holiday off. Try to get that from any other salesperson and you’ll quickly find your company blacklisted. Inbound marketing doesn’t care, however. It just keeps the conversation going, engaging with prospects as they move through their purchase journey. As long as there’s an internet connection and a search engine, inbound is working its tail off.

Personalized Attention

A successful inbound strategy always starts with a solid target persona that pinpoints who your customers are and what they need from your company. The persona clearly defines what questions your prospects ask as they move through every stage of the sales funnel. You can then set up your content strategy to answer those questions and guide them to your products and services as their ideal solutions. The personalized content doesn’t just get the sale, however, it builds relationships between your customers and your brand.

Pipeline Management

A well-designed sales pipeline ensures that all your customers’ questions are answered before they make a purchase. With that, you can say goodbye to buyer’s remorse, ensuring that you end up with more happy customers than ever before. Despite all the handholding, buyers never find the experience pushy or sales-y. They simply feel supported by your brand and happy to do business with you.

Goal-Oriented with Data-Driven Results

Inbound marketing campaigns are always built with your goals in mind – and never shy away from being held accountable. Every campaign generates oodles of data to pour through, giving you a way to make improvements all the time. As you make modifications to the approach, inbound will never push back or get sassy. Instead, it just gets back to working hard in an effort to hit the ideal targets.

Upsell Current Clients

Many marketing approaches let existing customers fall through the cracks, which only results in your competitors swooping them up. To avoid that, you need inbound working hard to tell all your clients about your full range of products and services. The campaigns keep customers in the loop, ensuring that they always feel a connection to your brand. Inbound excels at building relationships that matter, and that includes deepening your roots with existing clients. 

Works Well with Others

Inbound marketing campaigns support every member of their team, allowing everyone to hit their goals and shine in their roles. From social media marketing to digital marketing, inbound brings all your team members together and aligns their efforts from start to finish. You can then enjoy having a truly unstoppable cohesive team that helps your company grow and thrive through the years.

In the end, it’s clear that inbound marketing can bring 24/7/365 sales skills to the table – and they’re ready to start working for you today. So, stop the frantic job searches and focus your attention on inbound to get your desired results from every campaign. They can do the job. The only question is...are you hiring? 


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