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What a year it has been! Each year, our team looks forward to developing quality content for business owners and operators, leaders, and marketers - All of whom we keep in mind specifically when we strategize the kind of content we would like to share. Our blog is one of our favorite outlets to do this, and this year, we took some time to reflect and see which blogs were the most visited by our readers. 

So, without further ado, *drumroll please...* Here are fuze32 Marketing's top 10 most read blogs of 2021! 

10. How to Write a Blog: 5 Must-Haves Every Blog Post Needs

Having a blog is a fantastic way to generate leads, establish thought leadership in your industry, and be found in popular Google search results. But in order to do all of this, there has to be some strategic planning and execution that goes into the blogging process. That's why we took the time to help you understand that process as we discuss how to write a blog that produces consistent results for your business.

9. How to Properly Market Your Cannabis Business

If you own or operate a cannabis-based business, your target audience is out there, you’ll just need a bit of ingenuity to find creative ways to get your brand in front of them to stay compliant with local laws. In this blog, we explored some creative ways that cannabis companies of all kinds can market their business and grab the attention of the right audience.

8. Why is Lead Generation So Hard?! [Hint: It Doesn't Have to Be]

As a sales professional, you might know that quality matters just as much as quantity. What you may not have known is that a solid inbound marketing strategy can make lead generation easier and more effective. Inbound marketing is designed to attract customers by positioning your business as a trusted resource in all phases of the buyer’s journey.

7. 5 Tips for Busy Business Owners

In this blog, we shared five simple tips for busy business owners to serve as a friendly reminder that while you are certainly unstoppable and successful, it’s also true that you need a little assistance and advice every now and then to ensure all aspects of your business will run smoothly.

6. Why Connected TV is How Right Now

As you might imagine, CTV did extremely well during the pandemic shutdowns. Obviously, with more and more people spending time at home, the interest in streaming services went through the roof and is just expected to continue its growth trajectory. That's why we wrote an eBook and several blogs like this, all highlighting the important benefits of marketing your business through CTV.

5. 12 Marketing Quotes to Inspire You Team

Everyone needs inspiration from time to time. We listed out these inspirational and educational marketing quotes are reminders that marketing is an art form used to tell your business’s story and connect with your customers.

4. Connected TV FAQ - Is It Right for My Business?

As more and more advertisers are looking at CTV as a more effective alternative to network and cable television options, we've listed out some commonly asked questions we feel are important to discuss and make available to anyone considering a CTV campaign. 

3. fuze32: The Story Behind The Name

We often get asked the story behind our unique name! fuze32 seeks to find businesses with short fuses, relighting those fuses through strategic implementation of life-giving and dynamic marketing strategies. In this blog, we went into more detail on the story and the meaning behind our name.

2. 5 Leadership Lessons Learned from Ted Lasso

This popular Apple+ series offers practical leadership and life lessons that can be easily applied to our career-life, in particular, the way we interact with our colleagues and with those who report to us or simply look to us for guidance.

1. Is Your Business Marketing Product-Focused or Customer-Focused?

There is one school of thought in the business world that looks at the validity and quality of a product or service, and the other that addresses the customer that is being targeted via the marketing process. So, since it is becoming more and more difficult to differentiate yourself within your field, we took the time to ask in this blog: Is it more effective to focus on your product or your customer?

So there it is, our top most-read blogs of the last year! We'd like to thank our awesome blog subscribers and the folks who made this list possible. Our team makes it our goal throughout each year to provide you will valuable, relatable, and fun content that helps you on your journey towards your marketing and business goals.

If you haven't yet, we would encourage anyone who is interested to subscribe to our blog to receive notifications each week, directly to their mailbox when new content publishes, at absolutely no cost! And as always, if you have any particular marketing-related questions or products you are interested in, don't hesitate to reach out to our team directly to start a conversation. From our team to yours, happy new year, and here's to a fantastic 2022!

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