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Do you know the phrase ‘communication is key’? This remains true in relationships, friendships, and even businesses. Blogging is an effective way to communicate to your customers and prospects and to show you are an industry leader. Businesses with blogs tend to have 434% more indexed pages, which is an important factor in search engine optimization (SEO.)

Maintaining an online presence, standing out against competitors, and being a go-to source of information are just some of the ways blogs can help a business. If you have been looking for a push to start a blog, now is the time, and here’s why:

The Proven Statistics 

When you are in the business world, you rely on evidence that your marketing efforts are effectively working. Luckily, over the years, many studies and surveys have been conducted to give statistics on how blogs are good for business. Here are a few: 

  • Businesses who blog will receive 97% more links to their website.
  • Marketers who prioritize blogging are 13 times more likely to have positive ROI.
  • Blogs have been rated to be the fifth most trusted source for online information.
  • Blogs are cost effective… the only thing they cost is your time!

Blogging Offers Insight From Your Audience 

This is where knowing your audience really comes into play. If you don’t know what type of questions they are asking, or what they are actively searching for, how will you be able to provide the correct blogging content? Now, you can see key analytics on your blogging content from sites like Google Analytics or Hubspot. Blog readers can also leave feedback in the comment section or linking the blog on social media. Having readers share the blogs on social media can be powerful, it can help you learn what content is more popular and it will increase engagement. 

Improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Although many factors go into increasing SEO, blogging can help tremendously with this. Your SEO will not be increased overnight when starting a blog, note that it will take some time. Google rewards content, so the more blogs you have, the more likely you are to start enhancing your search engine rankings over a period of time. 

Using relevant keywords specific to your industry and business within the blog title and content helps to meet the needs of those who are searching. Blogging provides businesses with opportunities to do all of this. 

Provides Social Media Content 

Need more social media content? Share your blogs frequently to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn! This is a great way to repurpose content and get more eyes on past blogs. You can even get creative with it, collect some statistics from different blogs, add a quote that stands out, and add a graphic. Your audience will digest the images with an important fact or quote easier and hopefully will be interested in reading the full blog. Posting consistent content will give you a more valuable presence. 

At the end of the day, blogging should not be just an option for business. Your marketing teams should be taking full advantage of all the wide range of benefits blogs provide a business. If you are looking to increase SEO, gain valuable audience feedback and information, and repurpose content - look no further! Now is the time to hop on the blogging bandwagon.

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