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Whether in an election or just in general, sometimes life doesn’t turn out exactly the way you were hoping and our marketing efforts are no exception. Occasionally, our plans just come up a little short. While we can’t demand a “recount” just because the outcome isn’t what we hoped, we can and should evaluate why our marketing efforts failed. Learning why the subpar performance happened is key in preventing it from happening again.

To help you narrow down the possible culprits, consider the five possible reasons your marketing isn't generating the results you want:


You Went into Battle with a Butter Knife 

Marketing sometimes can feel like a battle and you need to be prepared. Don't be that person who brings the butter knife, get the big guns! To achieve the marketing results you want, you must formulate a good plan. Build a strategy, don’t just enter haphazardly. 

Solution: Consult with a professional to help build a strategy that works for your specific needs and is sure to hit your marketing goals. 

Tinder Makes Better Matches Than You Can 

Think like the dating app, Tinder. This app finds the right people to put together and knows their client's wants and needs. Do you?

Being out of touch with your own customers is about as bad as being a politician who doesn’t know the needs and desires of their own constituents. Be smarter than that. Simply being out of touch with your customer base could be the reason your marketing efforts don’t have the desired effect.

Solution: Build a customer persona based on a well-crafted survey of your customers and, from that, set your sales goals. Use this information to adjust your marketing efforts to better attract your ideal customer. 

You Can't Golf with a Fishing Pole 

Although, we'd like to see you try.

It’s important to use the right channels to reach the right people. As mentioned above, not being in touch with your own customers, and not knowing your target audience is a problem. For example, if you are using Facebook to market, but 90% of your customers are on Twitter, this marketing effort will likely yield extremely poor results.

Solution: Do your research. Know where your customers are coming from, where they frequent, and what social media platforms they prefer. Then use these channels to reach them more efficiently. Why-fuze32-free-ebook

Your Product Probably Sucks 

In today’s digital society, where the click of a mouse can bring a package to our doorstep in a matter of hours in some cases, your product must be more than just okay. You have to make your product be so amazing, so unbelievable that your customers simply will not buy another brand or do business with another seller. Stay committed to innovation and never settle. 

Solution: Work on the quality of your product and/or your customer service to elevate your company above your competitors. 

You Were Trying to be a Cheapskate 

You know the old saying, “more money, more problems?”

That’s not the case when it comes to your marketing budget… 

You get what you pay for in life and in marketing. If you aren’t getting the results you are after with your current marketing efforts, then you might consider spending a bit more money on the process. Look at it as an investment in your future, one that will yield a profit. Marketing is an investment and might be a larger one than you want to make, but you can only get the results you are after if you are willing to pay for them. 

Solution: Set up a consultation with a professional to expand your marketing efforts and create the results you are after. Pay up for better results. 

You Suffer From Premature Expectations 

We are a terribly impatient society. We love our fast food and are always wanting fast results. However, marketing doesn’t always work that way. Often, it takes time to work. Results aren’t always overnight. You might give up too quickly if you don’t give all the marketing strategies that you have put in place time to work. 

Solution: Ask your marketing professional how long you should expect to see the results of any given strategy and then wait for at least that long before determining if you need a change in strategy. 

Marketing isn’t easy. Therefore, there is no shame in admitting that you need some help in generating the marketing results you want. At fuze32, we are experts in making your marketing work. Contact us today to turn your marketing fails into marketing wins. 


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