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There's something about trends that make us crazy... crazy good and crazy bad. It's like a train ride. One day you're rolling along full speed ahead, the next you're a complete train wreck, fighting for your marketing life. So, get ready...get set...and get on the crazy 2021marketing train. Hold on tight, it'll be one hell of a ride!

Social Time-Suck: the Good, Bad, and the Overdone!

Social media is a must for your content marketing strategy, but let's be frank. Sometimes social can be a huge time-suck! To make it worthwhile, the first rule at social is know who your target audience is, where they are and kick ass on those platforms. For example, if your audience is older, Facebook is probably for you. If they are younger, Instagram or even TikTok will rock your content. That said, unless your product is visual, and we hate to be haters, but don't waste your precious time on Pinterest. It usually sucks for marketing and selling. Here's the deal. Pay attention, always review your analytics, and if you're going to play the social to win. 

Posting Overload... Knock it Off

2020 switched our lives into the virtual stratosphere and boy is it crowded out there. Clearly, social media is a must, but it must be thought out properly. It's not rocket science. Balance is key! Knock off the posting overload. It's annoying and will tick off your followers, especially when you post the same thing over and over. Or even worse, you post content that isn't even relevant. Get it together and only post content that is engaging, informative, and entertaining. One or two posts daily is enough. That's it. Always review your analytics to know the best times are to post.

Pandemic Selfishness… Just, No. 

The pandemic knocked many businesses off their feet and they are still down or unfortunately totally gone. Small businesses struggled the most, while big-box giants reported record profits. We don't like to judge, but some money hungry marketers took advantage of the crisis and put a super selfish swing on their marketing. Some bigger corporations even refused to shutdown and refused to pay their employees during the shutdown period (when they could easily afford to do.) Others did the right thing and pivoted to help. Nearly a year later, those same big box bullies are still profiting from the pandemic fall out and to be honest, consumers are sick and tired of it. Consumers have picked up on these selfish companies and their true colors. This is your time to rise to the top and create content that can promote your business while helping your community and employees out.

Storytelling And Happier Ever After

Once upon a time…

We all know the power that storytelling holds. While this marketing concept is nothing new, it works wonders! Storytelling is one of the best ways to share what you are all about, especially in social media and email marketing. Stories engage audiences by educating, entertaining, and engaging an outcome, like selling! But always know who and where your audience is and what turns them on. Use your imagination. This is the key to nailing great results and creating a happy ending.

Talk to Your Customers Like a Normal Human, Not Siri

Customers are on the move, they are busy and they want to interact when it is convenient for them. Think mobile...we are using our mobile devices for everything. This is why conversational marketing, like text messages, Messenger, Slack, and other platforms continue to grow and grow with no end in sight. Conversational Marketing is also a great way to generate new customers, build valuable, long-lasting relationships, and increase sales.

Influencer Marketing… Yes, Yes and Hell Yes

We're in la la land with how influencer marketing has taken social by storm. This type of organic marketing uses relationships with celebrities, friends, and other influencers to promote a brand through word of mouth. Today's customer relies on influencers who use the products more than the companies who make them. It's an incredible way to strengthen your brand. Knowing your target audience and who they rely on for information is key to finding the perfect influencer for you. 

Embrace Virtual Everything 

2020 gave marketers the opportunity to show their audiences how successful virtual events and meetings could be. It took some time to embrace this newer concept but now it is a common theme for event planners, fundraisers, and everyone who promotes products and services. It not only reduces the logistics that prevents folks from attending in person, but also broadens the audience base. If you haven't added virtual as part of your marketing content, wake up and smell the coffee. It's the perfect time to consider this very effective and proven component. 

Some of these trends we love and cannot get enough of! Some of them need to be left where they belong..2020. Contact the experts at fuze32 today! We're ready to jump on the crazy train and help you rock your content world! 



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