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Sometimes, to really appreciate what you have now, especially given all the difficulties of 2020, it's important to take a look back at where you came from. One of our staffers recently brought in an issue of Life Magazine from 1965. We passed it around the offices, amazed at the articles and advertisers that were featured in the publication. It was just a fun moment to take a step back in time and learn about what was on people's hearts and minds, and to see what's changed - and what hasn't. Here are a few highlights:

To set the stage, in 1965, Lyndon B. Johnson was President of the United States and the Vietnam War was in full swing. It was the year that Malcolm X was assassinated, the Sound of Music premiered at the Rivoli Theatre in New York, and Medicare and Medicaid were founded. It was a was a year riddled with unrest as protests and riots over civil rights and the war in Vietnam were happening all across the country. It was also a year of celebrations with our first space walk, the Beatles putting on their first stadium concert at Shea Stadium in New York, and the completion of the St. Louis Arch. 1965 brought A Charlie Brown Christmas, the Pillsbury Doughboy and Days of Our Lives to the nation. What a year!

The feature article of this issue of LIFE Magazine was sharing information with readers about, interestingly, another pandemic: German Measles. Pregnant women especially were extremely afraid of the affect that German Measles would have on their unborn children. Doctors were desperately searching for ways to help. Advertisers, on the other hand, sold products and services that today, make us giggle and roll our eyes. But hey, you gotta start somewhere!




PHOTOGRAPHY Has Come a Long Way


The next time you play on your iPad and get frustrated over download speed or cuss because you don't have 5G on your Android, remember that - at one point in time - people actually used Polaroid Cameras...and were excited about it!





Slide Projector









Need a slide projector for that business presentation you have next week via videoconference??? Nope? Me neither.

Today, we've blown past Prezi and right into Keynote, Google Slides, Canva and more. 

But the only thing better than a $55 slide projector...









and college tuition...just wow! a $2,000 life insurance college fund.

Today...that might buy one a community college.








And this fridge, It's a ...


          ...wait for it...


..."No Frost 15!!

And who among us wouldn't LOVE to have a new fridge for $299. 

We could keep a LOT more beer...I mean...fruits and veggies, healthy stuff, in the office fridge for that price. 


Marlboro Man




And last but not least



What publication from 1965 would be complete without the Marlboro Man. 

An American icon...

...that died of COPD in 2014. 







We hope you've enjoyed this little stroll through time. No massively important marketing lessons to be learned here...just a chance to stop and appreciate. Our world is in turmoil...but it was then, too. While some struggles have continued, we have in many ways advanced and learned and grown. We've come a long way...but still, in many ways, we have yet a long way to go.  

For us...we'll lift our glasses in a toast. We can officially say that our fuze32 team has been through a pandemic - and we nailed it. We came out stronger than we ever imagined, even with all the ups and downs that come from launching a company. What does that mean to you? It means we get you - we understand. We know what you’re going through and we know how to keep your business moving forward in a positive direction.

Because let's face it, you don't want some crack marketing team in, say 2075, looking back on YOUR ad campaign and making fun of it. Let us go to work for you.  


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