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fuze32 has been accredited as a Top Inbound Marketing Agencies by DesignRush. DesignRush is a B2B marketplace that connects brands with professional full-service agencies, web design companies, digital marketing firms, and top technology companies.

The DesignRush platform lists 9,300 agencies from over 50 different countries and is consulted by thousands of decision-makers looking to start a project.

"At a time when employee recruitment is practically at a stand-still, inbound marketing is able to be the leading source of lead generation for businesses - something they can count on  24/7/365 to invite new customers and prospects to their website. Bottom line, it works...and my team does it exceptionally well,” said Carla Leible, Market Manager at Zimmer Communications. “This recognition just confirms the success we are having on behalf of our clients.” 

“Inbound marketing is more than people realize,” says Cathy Atkins, Inbound Marketing Consultant at fuze32. “Something like 82% of all sales processes begin online,” she adds, “and an inbound marketing strategy is about using all the resources at our fingertips to make sure consumers are able to find our client’s websites when they are searching online, asking questions and looking for solutions. It’s about tying marketing and sales together in one seamless process.” 

At fuze32, we are an advertising agency with the in-house expertise to craft a fully integrated omnichannel marketing campaign...a campaign that drives results. Our team of award-winning writers, designers, graphic artists, animators, digital marketing specialists, content specialists, web designers, developers, videographers, photographers, and voice talent, fuze32 works with clients across the country. Our high rate of client retention speaks to our company-wide commitment to ROI and tracking results. One of our areas of expertise is inbound marketing. 

Clients choose inbound marketing when they are tired of unqualified leads (or no leads) coming in through their website, the poor results of their sales team’s prospecting efforts, languishing closing ratios, and the frustration of missing out on opportunities that they didn’t even realize were in the market...until after they’d bought from a competitor and it was too late. 

What exactly is inbound marketing? When done correctly, it is a proven system of strategically selected blogs, white papers, videos, webinars, and email marketing to build an online relationship with target consumers, converting them into leads...and then to customers...with information that is tailored to their questions and needs. 

Who can do inbound marketing? Anyone can. But there are companies that are a better fit than others. The questions to ask yourself are: 

  • Is education a part of my sales process? Are there questions that, if we had the ability to answer, would help the sales process flow more smoothly? 

  • Do I depend on my website for leads? Do I depend on Google to direct people to my website? Can people, who are searching for solutions online, find me easily and effortlessly...even if they’ve never heard of my business before? 

  • Do I want to be known as a thought leader - an expert in my industry - in a way that would propel me past my competition in building a trusted relationship with customers and prospects? 

  • If I have salespeople, do they find themselves stuck in their sales process with prospects who went MIA for no apparent reason? If my marketing and my sales were aligned, would that benefit our closing ratio? 

Still have questions?

See what our clients have to say: Missouri Vein Care and Winter-Dent. Download the free ebook we have available, “Is Inbound Marketing Right for Your Business? and call us if you have questions or want to talk in more detail. We’re here to help. 



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