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2020 was a game-changing year for business. Those that made it through like Missouri Vein Care, did so with guts and innovation. Forced to reinvent things to figure out how to be successful when patients quit coming in, Missouri Vein Care is a superhero in our eyes. Dr. Michael Ryan is a testament to persistence, focus and positive change. So when he spoke up and offered to share a bit about his relationship with fuze32, we paid rapt attention.

Why? Because honestly, for a good many businesses in was the first thing to get cut out. Dr. Michael Ryan refused to quit. He brought us all in and talked honestly about what was going on. He was open to strategizing how to keep going, albeit differently, and he let us go to work. You see, Dr. Ryan cares about his patients. He is tenacious about helping people improve their lives through vein treatment. He’ll tell you his own story if you ask...he knows first-hand about how a vein condition debilitates a lifestyle, and doesn’t want one more person to suffer if he can avoid it.

We were right there with him. Together, we clarified and revamped and responded...but we never gave up. We embraced technology...and bottom line, Missouri Vein Care, an elective procedure during a time when people were electing NOT to do ANYTHING, weathered the storm and is back in growth mode.

BAM!  THAT's what it's all about, baby. Growth is never a straight line. It's learning to adapt and thrive in the twists and turns of life. 

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Here’s more from Dr. Michael Ryan with Missouri Vein Care:

Why did you initially choose us (our solution)?

I was looking for a marketing team that could fuse the world of traditional media with online and social media marketing and helps advise me on how to balance the two. Since I do not have a background in marketing, I also wanted to find a marketing team that I could trust to recommend media purchases that would be in the best interest of my company’s marketing plan.

What issues were you facing or new results were you seeking to achieve?

The biggest issues I was facing were: I needed to develop a trusting relationship with a marketing expert so I could listen to their recommendations and know that the likely outcome would be of the marketing choice I made since marketing requires analysis of what is working and what is not. I also needed expert advice on how to launch our internet and social media marketing which I wanted to focus more of our time and dollars on developing.

Specifically, in what ways have we (our solution) improved your business (or your job or your life)?

I have been very pleased with the technical mastery of the team, their accessibility, and the results of the marketing approach. I am especially impressed by the marketing pattern recognition that the team members have and which allows them to make recommendations to me which I come to fully trust. Over the years, I have utilized 8 different marketing companies, and I can say without hesitation that fuze32’s engagement and focus on my marketing goals and concerns has been the best by far of all prior consultants. And in fact, when it comes to consultants, they have been the best consultants of all types I have worked with because of their engagement, follow-through, dependability, and concern about getting it right. I am very pleased. 

On the internet side, I have been very impressed with the blend of technical skill, pattern recognition, and customer needs as our website and online presence have developed, with great results. With their help, we launched regular blogs and ebooks and this is having a positive impact on our search ranking.

If a potential new customer of ours asked why they should buy from us and what benefits or outcomes they should expect, what would you say in response?

I would say that to get the best results you will need to commit to a year and allow them to dive into your world so they can help move your marketing forward. They will become part of your team, and that is a great feeling.


So...yeah. It’s stories like this that drive us to do more, push ourselves a little harder and go the extra mile. When you get a client that wants to succeed as much as Dr. Ryan does, and knows that his power team in doing so is us, sitting around the table with him, we can’t help but give it everything we’ve got. So we salute you, Dr. Michael Ryan!  

If you or someone you care about suffers from a vein condition, call Missouri Vein Care and check out their blog and resources pages for more information. 

If your business is suffering and you need a team of marketers that is just as invested in your success as you us

We’re here to help. 




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