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Admittedly, it's one thing when WE talk about how great we are...but it's next level when your clients talk about it. Boastful? Maybe. We think we're kinda badass anyway. But hearing it from a client like Steve Nicholson, leader of Winter-Dent...when frankly, he's got better things to do than gush about us, is kinda cool. And let's face it, before you work with us, you really want to know what you're getting yourself into. For that reason, we got permission from Steve to share his comments. So if you're sincerely curious...or just slightly voyeuristic, read on:


A little about Winter-Dent:

They are a full-service insurance agency that prides itself on process, not product. Their people are rockstars. Honestly. We work with a lot of companies, and Winter-Dent people are amazing. Passionate, smart, caring, and fun to partner with on marketing. Their leader, Steve Nicholson, is a visionary. He's a big thinker with big ideas and a heart to match. He's led the Winter-Dent team to become a completely employee-owned company (an ESOP) and inspires creative thinking, problem-solving, and energy across all departments. Dude...he makes risk management and insurance fun! Who knew!? 

They came to us with big ideas about updating their brand, but it was more than that. It was a passion for growth and taking mountains. Steve isn't satisfied until his team is the best. With him and his team, we listened and asked questions until we drank the kool-aid and the vision caught fire. Then, over time, we worked together and built the foundation for a solid where the sky's the limit. It's been an exciting journey.

Read on for more from Steve himself:

Why did you initially choose us (our solution)?

With my background being in a larger market and having dealt with a lot of the big advertising firms in KC I was very familiar with what I felt our organization needed but didn’t have the relationships that were directly local in the mid-states areas. Our organization really had not ever used a full-service marketing firm….for anything. We needed to find a partner who could provide a multitude of coordinated products/strategies that enabled us to effectively build out all of our branding and marketing strategies simultaneously in a coordinated way. Aric, Cathy, and the team are also great to work with and our team quickly saw the synergy with them as well.

What issues were you facing or new results were you seeking to achieve?

We had absolutely zero SEO credibility and hardly any digital presence whatsoever. In order to take our company to the next level in recruiting, new business acquisition, and overall brand presence we needed to build out an entire plan of action. We are looking to attract new Employee Owners (the next generation), and new clientele and to further position our brand/company as an expert and company that provides timely and interesting information to our clients and communities.

How has our company/solution helped you?

Our image has certainly been improved and now with our completely new website with everything tied into it the coordination and professionalism of everything is on a whole new level!

Specifically, in what ways have we (our solution) improved your business (or your job or your life)?

This company has such a great reputation in our main service areas, but I feel that we have worked together in a very strategic way to build out our marketing tools as a lot of the internal parts have been put in place. There is so much change happening in our company and within our industry that the fuze32 team has been “all ears” and the work product continues to get better and better as time and knowledge of our company and goals get clearer and clearer.

If a potential new customer of ours asked why they should buy from us and what benefits or outcomes they should expect, what would you say in response?

Depending on the goals and objectives that the new customer has… it's hard to be precise here.  However, I would definitely tell them that if they wanted a single source and relationship that could handle everything from print to radio to digital impressions and who wanted to work with a fun, energetic, and “accountable” crew…. then they should hire fuze32.  Or simply have them call me directly and I’ll tell them myself!

I really appreciate Aric, Cathy, and the crew and truly enjoy our relationship both personally and professionally!

There you have it. Very kind words from a very cool company. 

And seriously, if you need risk management insurance...for anything - call Winter-Dent. 

If you need marketing - call us.

We promise we'll give you the same passion and attention we give Steve. 



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