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Originally Posted 4/1/19 - Updated 8/26/22

Seldom do we come across a business doing no marketing at all. Unless they are a startup, most businesses are doing some degree of marketing. Companies who come to us looking for assistance say their biggest problem is a lack of cohesiveness. They are doing a little of this, and a little of that...with no clear objectives or sense of what's working. Because their strategy is erratic, so are their results. We LOVE working with clients like that! Why? Because they understand the value of marketing, but just need help to coordinate their efforts. A key component of marketing success is the fusion of all channels into a fully integrated and consistent plan.


fuse is a verb: 

\ ˈfyüz  \
1. to blend thoroughly by or as if by melting together
At fuze32, our name tells the story of our philosophy of business. It's the reason our clients experience results. It's the reason they keep coming back, year after year.
Let's face it. There is an overwhelming number of options available for marketing: everything from sponsoring a local baseball team to simply having a good quality publicity photo to more sophisticated options like inbound marketing, digital marketing, connected tv, radio, and more.
It's hard to know where to start...and once you start, how do you know you're doing it correctly? We ensure you are using the right marketing channels for your business and leverage our in-house creative team to fuse everything into one cohesive brand strategy. We put together your customized team of marketing channel experts. This team coordinates its efforts to maximize your results.
Before and after fuze32-1-1
It's the kind of strategy that made kleenex a household name and the kind of coordination that makes McDonald's the number one fast food joint year after year. Remember, these brands didn't start at the top. They got there through steady focused intentional effort and tenacious 

fuze is also a noun: 

\ ˈfyüz  \
1. A continuous train of a combustible substance enclosed in a cord or cable for setting off an explosive charge by transmitting fire to it
2. Less commonly fuze: a mechanical or electrical detonating device for setting off the bursting charge of a projectile, bomb, or torpedo


As an agency, we empathize with our client's challenges and fight alongside them to achieve goals and attain sustained success. When that happens, an explosion takes place! Advertising is ultimately about ROI and a cohesive focused strategy yields results. Customers are happy, employees are happy, business owners and investors are happy, accountants are happy, salespeople are happy...and we are happy. It's not an easy process getting there. It takes fortitude, determination, clarity, and teamwork.

Light the fuse on a stick of dynanamite-1

fuze32 seeks to find businesses with short fuses, relighting those fuses through strategic implementation of life-giving inbound marketing strategies. Fueled by a potent blend of strategy, creativity, planning, and passion, your fuze32 team will ignite a marketing campaign like no other. With explosions this big, booms are bound to be heard around the business world! 


What Does fuze32 Marketing Do Exactly? 

The short answer is...whatever it takes to help you hit your goals. 

The technical answer is that we give a business brand its strategy for hitting its growth goals. 

How we do that depends on the business, but here's a quick bullet list of the areas in which we have award-winning experts on staff: 

All that, under one roof. We bring the explosion. The charge. The “BOOM!” We relight burnt-out fuses by finding, developing, implementing, and tracking a cohesive marketing strategy designed to take stagnant businesses and help them blow their goals out of the water.


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