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Quality content is immensely important when it comes to establishing your brand’s authority. While not everyone can easily write or create good content, there are some content creation tools, some of them free that you can utilize towards creating quality content. Keep these in mind as you seek to increase the quality of your content creation to appeal to today's more fastidious audience who prefer writing that holds value and relevance.

Growth mode marketing ebook downloadWhy Quality Content Matters

Before looking at how to create quality content and the tools that you can use, it’s important to understand the role that content plays in your overall marketing campaign. Quality content is the foundation of your website and its overall structure. The right content will not only attract readers to your site but will engage or entertain them once they arrive. It will also give them a good “next step” to take, meaning a call-to-action or other element that will help you transform a site visitor into a customer. Not only does it position your business as a trusted authority, but it also matches information with what consumers are searching for online - helping them find your website more easily. For this reason, content is also an invaluable part of an overall SEO strategy. Without quality content, your brand appears uninformed, ill-prepared, and unprofessional, and without the proper focus, it needs to stand out in today's digital world. 

1. Canva

This is an excellent tool for creating visual content for your brand. This user-friendly tool has many pre-designed elements. It is also collaborative and free, with some upgraded paid options. Canva is the perfect fit for every brand. There are three basic categories of Canva, the free version, then the Canva Pro which is a paid service and gives you access to special tools and premium content. The other option is Canva for Teams, which allows collaborative work among various team members and is also a paid service. It’s helpful to note that visual content like you can produce using Canva, is processed by visitors some 60,000 times faster than either text or speech content. It also stores in the memory five to six times better. 

2. Grammarly

No matter how skilled you might be when it comes to utilizing the written word, we all make mistakes. Thankfully, this tool, Grammarly, provides you with a tool to help you avoid silly errors before hitting the publish button. There is even a free option for an extension as well as a paid variety. It’s still important to check your work for errors to be sure, but this will at least be another set of eyes so to speak looking over your copy for any obvious mistakes. If you leave obvious errors in your copy, it can seem unprofessional to those reading it who notice these mistakes. Sure, we all make errors as humans, but attempting to reduce the mistakes that get past your editing is a good idea.

3. Semrush

Semrush deals with another important aspect of content creation, that being tracking the effectiveness of each post, video, or piece of content. With this tool, you can seamlessly virtually track every aspect of your digital marketing strategy. It will also provide valuable ideas and suggestions to create high-quality content. It is a paid service, but it is one that is well worth the investment in the return you will gain from it. Semrush runs technical SEO audits, uncovers national and local keywords, tracks SERP positions daily, and much, much more. It has won 21 international awards for being the best SEO software suite. Known as the award-winning tools trusted by the world’s leading companies, Semrush is a great addition to any business. Semrush is trusted by many of the world’s leading brands including Amazon, Walmart, TESLA, Forbes, and many more. How-to-track-your-marketing-ROI

4. Basecamp

This tool is helpful when creating content that requires creativity, allowing you to organize your content how you want it and get the most out of your content. Basecamp can track workflows, manage clients, and handle projects effectively and in an easy-to-use manner. To top it off, Basecamp is a free tool!  Clients rave about the tool’s ability to help them manage chaos, supporting their clients and even allowing for fewer meetings. 

5. Typeform

This tool allows you to create dynamic forms, templates, surveys, quizzes, and more. You can also integrate it into almost any platform. Typeform is made for humans and gives you the ability to create content that performs like a conversation, keeping your audience engaged. Typeform features video libraries and built-in photos bringing questions to life. This sleek interface shows your brand at its best. Typeform has both free introductory options and paid versions available. Order forms, satisfaction surveys, application forms, feedback forms, and more are some of the popular categories in templates from which to choose.

6. Google Drive

Google Drive helps you organize content, collaborate, and store it on a cloud-based platform that you can access anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, everything you work on is automatically saved, so you don’t have to worry about losing everything all at once. Plus, the best part of the whole deal is, it’s free! With Google Drive, you can find your files faster thanks to the intelligent search features, hide your sensitive files, and it even supports over 100 file types, including Office. 

Bottom Line: Quality Content is Important

A well-thought-out content marketing plan is vital to an effective overall marketing strategy for your business. Thankfully, there are many tools out there, even some free versions, that can help you enhance your content and make your life easier overall. Keep the tools listed above in mind as you seek to expand your content creation process and reach new heights in quality content creation. subscribe to the marketing blog

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