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Starting a blog can be tough, but keeping it going can be even more of a challenge. Believe it or not, thinking about when and what to post requires a lot of strategic planning. One of the most important things to remember when it comes to blogging is consistency. 

There is an array of data to back up blogging and why it is integral to your marketing strategy. But data on the amount of posting? Not as much, because it honestly just depends. 

So, How Often Should You Blog? 

The amount of blogs you are producing depends on what’s best for your company. On one end of the spectrum, smaller businesses have had success in posting one to four times per week. On the other end, you have larger businesses that are able to get multiple blog posts out daily. 

But, the frequency of your blogs depends on what goals you are trying to accomplish from it. Let’s look at the basics of how often you should blog for what you want to achieve.

Organic Traffic 

If you want to increase the traffic coming to your site and content, you will want to post more on the frequent side. It is up to you to create a schedule and stick to it. If you are a smaller team one of the most important factors in the blogging process is planning. Having material planned out in advance will help you stay ahead and organized. 

Branding and Awareness 

When building your brand, what will set you apart is diversified content. Try to have a few blog posts that highlight your brand and who you are. Because your sole focus will be building your company’s voice, these posts do not need to be published as often. 

Building your brand awareness gives you a chance to provide key information to your target audience. Providing branded statistics and information about your industry is a great way to build loyalty and showcase your company as an industry leader.


With organization and planning in place you can really ramp up your blog posting frequency. Once you have a process in place you will be able to work out any kinks and get into a good blog posting frequency. 

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