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Social Media and SEO... What's the Deal?

Does a social media presence correlate with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Yes and no. Don’t worry, it will all make sense after we delve into the topic below. Incidentally, Google has denied social media presence has any impact on site ranking. Instead, they say it’s the interaction or engagement around these social media posts that do the most good. So let's get started...

Social Media and SEO, What’s The Deal?

The following are facts about social media and social media links and how they relate to SEO, affecting Google site rankings:

Social Links Don’t Always Result in Higher Rankings

Here’s what we know, Google considers social media pages the same way it does regular content or posts. It’s worth noting that a piece of content that is frequently shared will be considered credible. However, the simple act of sharing isn’t enough to ensure Google algorithms find your post. Instead, Google takes note of when this content or social media post promotes interaction and/or comments. Therefore, when a post has a lot of followers, this doesn’t necessarily affect SEO, but if they are shared on social media, this can encourage better SEO. In other words, it’s all about engagement, not necessarily the amount of followers. 

Page Rankings And Social Media

When someone searches for your business, your social profiles should pop up. In fact, your social media presence is vitally important and can even serve as a secondary website for your business. Stay active on these pages, producing credible and regular content to boost your rank. 

SEO and Social Media Channels

Your social media channels have their own form of SEO. When you post on social media, using hashtags or you hit on a trending conversation, you will improve your SEO ranking, specific to your social media channel. It’s also a good idea to add pleasing videos. 

So, What Does This All Mean?

If you are wondering what all the above information means in a practical sense, to put it simply, the following is the correlation between SEO and your social media channels:

  • Social media amplifies your content, inviting interaction. This is important because, remember, your content will rank higher if you garner interactions.
  • Although social media doesn’t directly or solely affect SEO, it can boost your site’s credibility and boost your site ranking. 

  • The more social platforms you have, the better chance your business will rank higher whenever someone searches for your business. 

  • You should focus on the quality of posts over quantity because you want to promote organic interaction, which is more likely if you post constructive, helpful content. 

  • Although social media can improve your SEO, you should not use it to justify spamming people or over-posting. Remember, quality over quantity. 

A Breakdown of How to Utilize Social Media & SEO 

Now that you have learned everything listed above, here’s a helpful step-by-step breakdown of how to utilize social media as it relates to SEO:

  1. Publish educational, informative, inspiring, and share-worthy content.

  2. Hopefully, your content is linked to and shared.

  3. As your content is shared, your social media profile gains followers and drives traffic to your site.

  4. Your community grows around your brand. 

  5. The interactions you make through social media will provide authorization to SEO algorithms, which reinforces your brand’s reputation. 

  6. Now, your website is showing up higher in search engines’ rankings. 

  7. A new user finds your site through search engines completely organically. 

  8. Mission accomplished! 

Bottom Line 

While SEO is a piece of your overall social marketing strategy, it should not take precedence as the driving force. In addition, it’s immensely important that you focus on creating high-quality content that encourages genuine sharing. Your number one focus should be your Google ranking. Therefore, while it’s smart to incorporate social media, it’s important that you don’t put all your eggs in that basket in terms of SEO. If you need help creating content, publishing pieces, or promoting social media posts, contact us at fuze32. Let us handle your social media and SEO while you keep making your business exceptional! 

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