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We've recently spent time on our blog to focus on creative ways for cannabis industry business owners to market their business online. This is because we know that the current landscape for these businesses isn't necessarily easy to navigate, or at least as simple as it should be!

Local laws and regulations can be more strict than you would imagine or are just downright confusing to understand. That is why it is so important to not only think outside of the box when it comes to your marketing tactics but to also consult the help of a team of marketing professionals, or an agency before you embark on running advertising efforts.

How Inbound Marketing Can Help Capture Quality Sales Leads

Inbound marketing, in particular, is a great way to market and sell your product through education and ongoing engagement without the risk of violating certain local laws and regulations. Below we've listed some inbound marketing tactics that can be great options to capture quality sales leads through your website. By offering these kinds of engaging content elements, you build trust with your audience, while being able to develop an ongoing relationship with them, leading to an increased and more consistent flow of buying decisions.

1. Webforms

Webforms are a simple and effective way to gather key information about your website's visitors and can be used in creative ways. And by using software such as HubSpot, you can easily create forms to add to a variety of pages on your website. Once you collect visitor/customer information to add to your database, the ways in which you can follow up and remarket to these contacts is virtually endless.

2. Premium Content

Premium content is quality information of enough value that people are willing to exchange their contact information for it. Where blogs provide an ongoing supply of quickly digestible bites of information, premium content is a higher level of content, and it can take on many different forms such as eBooks, pillar pages, and more. 

3. Quizzes

Online quizzes housed on your businesses' website are a great way to engage and draw curious customers into your cannabis-related products and services while gathering their contact information to add to your database. Customers interested in the cannabis industry may be coming into the buying decision apprehensive, or may simply have questions. Quizzes are a fun way to answer those questions and make your brand memorable.

4. Pop-Ups

The right popup makes it easy to grab your website visitor's attention on a specific topic, product, or services, leading them to a specific location on your website in order to eventually convert them into leads and customers.

5. Chat Bots & Live Chat

When it comes to owning or operating a cannabusiness, it is only normal that you will be drawing in customers that will have a lot of questions! By enabling a live chat feature on your website, you will be giving potential customers the opportunity to engage in a real conversation with a live customer service professional without leaving your website and/or social media page. Visitors can type into the chat box feature and ask a variety of questions, make comments and gather information.

And in the same vein as live chat, chat bots are programmed to answer questions that are predicted to be asked on a regular basis. They can provide options for someone to select or collect important information like a person’s name, email address, or phone number to facilitate a follow-up conversation, all the while adding that contact information to your database.

You can program your chat bot to automatically let someone know that a service technician will follow up with them first thing the next business day. They can also recognize keywords and point someone to resources like blogs on your website that may help answer their questions.

Our team of advertising professionals at fuze32 provides all the benefits of a full-service marketing agency and has years of experience helping businesses grow through uniquely crafted inbound marketing strategies specifically. We would love to get a conversation started to see how the power of inbound marketing can establish your cannabis-based business’s brand and help your sales soar!

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