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While there is some merit to keeping on, keeping on, or doing what has always worked and nothing more, when it comes to marketing, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, although traditional marketing and sales techniques are still very effective, if you are not incorporating modern marketing methods like inbound marketing, your business could be falling short of its full potential. So, consider the following modern marketing methods to incorporate into your business's strategy...

Advantages of Inbound Marketing

Businesses of all sizes, from small to immense can benefit from various inbound marketing techniques and strategies, like blogs as well as additional premium content like white papers, videos, infographics, eBooks and especially email campaigns. This type of content engages readers and attracts visitors to your website, helping them during the all-important decision-making stage, then helping them even throughout and past this stage once they have purchased a product or service from your business.  

Inbound marketing is a notable and reliable lead generating system, just like that of a highly skilled salesperson. Therefore, if you put out targeted content, written specifically with your business’ target persona in mind, you will enjoy an influx of leads. These leads will be individuals who are already interested in your business’ services or products thanks to your inbound marketing efforts. 

Inbound Marketing Methods

If you are new to inbound marketing, you are likely wondering what all this means, anyway. How can you incorporate such methods into your current marketing strategy? Well, the following are a few of the most applicable inbound marketing methods. Learning what these are and how incorporating them can help give your marketing strategy a modern touch:

  • Blog Content: Your blog content should always speak to your potential clients/customers. This means it should speak to their comprehension, awareness, action stages of their buying/purchasing journey and more. The idea is to help entertain and/or engage them, leading them toward purchasing from your company. You also want to ensure that you blog regularly, not once in a blue moon as regularity and dependability is important. In addition, ensuring you are blogging with all these points in mind will help your organic traffic and SEO rankings for your website. 
  • Email: Email marketing will help you deliver targeted, timely and relevant information to your customer base. With this modern marketing strategy, you can target specific groups of people or times with customized offers for their particular needs. While you might assume that email marketing isn't particularly "cutting age", it is still considered modern and relevant for today’s time. 
  • Premium Content: This type of content is often presented in a fill-in form that the site visitors fill out, entering their name, email, or other contact information in exchange for a free PDF of the aforementioned premium content. As mentioned above, premium content can include a variety of types of content from eBooks and emails to white papers and infographics. If you utilize them well, they will work seamlessly with your blog and email marketing strategies, bringing your marketing campaign into modern day.

Does your current marketing strategy need a boost? 

Studies show that businesses that practice inbound marketing are perceived as the most qualified option on the market in today's modern industry. They earn consumer trust and eventually, they often easily win the sale. Inbound is here to stay for the foreseeable future of marketing and sales, and it could be your business's new great opportunity to build sales leads as well. Our team of inbound marketing experts would love to help you get started. Let us oversee implementing all the inbound marketing methods mentioned above into your current marketing strategies. Contact us today to learn more and to get started on your inbound marketing strategy.


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