Why You Can't Afford to Ignore Inbound Marketing One More Day

Here’s the sobering truth: Without an inbound marketing strategy in place, you’re essentially begging your customers to reach out to your competition for information. According to a study, 90% of consumers wait to make a purchase until they do extensive online research. So, if your business’ website doesn’t offer valuable content for consumers to use in their research process, then the reality is that you’re missing out on a large number of potential customers (and they’re probably turning to your competition to find the information they need!). Below, you’ll find five benefits to implementing an inbound marketing strategy, each of which should help to prove why your business simply cannot afford to ignore inbound marketing one more day.

1. Better SEO

The strength of any business’ online presence is determined by the content they create. Fortunately, inbound marketing revolves around the creation of solid, valuable content. Blog posts, webinars, infographics, white papers, videos, and more are all created using strategic SEO best practices. This tactic is designed to significantly step up businesses’ SEO rankings, greatly increasing their chances of getting to the top of Google and being discovered by consumers who are seeking out relevant information.

2. More Leads

As we discussed above, more content leads to more website visitors. And naturally, more website visitors means an increase in leads. Visitors that come to your website because of a search for information are already interested in what you have to sell. The more informative and detailed your website content is, the more likely the person is to choose you over your competition.

But just how are leads even formed out of regular website visitors anyway? Through inbound marketing, leads are generated when visitors enter their information in order to receive additional “premium” content, like an eBook. Marketing automation then allows these leads to be nurtured and conversations to be tracked. For more information on how inbound marketing leads to lead generation, click here.

3. More Customers

More leads mean more chances to convert these leads into paying customers. Through inbound marketing, businesses can continue to nurture their leads with educational content, further nudging them through their buyer’s journey and equipping them to be confident in making purchase decisions. Naturally, this will lead to an overall improvement in lead conversion rates. This means a boost in morale among a business’ sales and marketing teams, making everyone in the company even more confident in the brand. 

4. Thought Leadership

Through inbound marketing content, businesses are not only able to generate leads who have strong chances of converting into paying customers, but they’re also able to establish themselves as experts in their industries. Informative content shows consumers that these businesses can be trusted and can be looked to for even more educational information in the future. Learn more about the importance of establishing thought leadership here.

5. Improved Communication

As an industry leader focused on creating content, you will inevitably end up with a large database of valuable content to share with your customers and prospects. This allows businesses more opportunities to communicate and connect on a value-giving level, (meaning that your communication isn’t always just reaching out asking for more sales!). This will show consumers that your business cares first and foremost about education and equipping them for making purchase decisions, greatly increasing your chances of being trusted and generating more sales.

Don't delay your inbound marketing strategy any longer. With the ability to set yourself up as a thought leader, improve communication with consumers, develop leads, increase website traffic, and gain more customers, we hope it’s clear that you can't wait another day to get started on an inbound marketing strategy of your own!


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