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Does your business struggle with either (or both) of the following?

  • You need to generate more leads overall.
  • You need to generate leads that are higher in quality.

If you answered yes, you’re not alone. Here are a few sobering statistics that prove that low lead generation rates and a lack of qualified leads are common problems for businesses of all industries.

  • Over half of all businesses claim that generating leads and traffic to their site is their biggest marketing challenge. (Source)
  • Businesses report that the top three hurdles that most often hinder lead conversion are: getting responses from prospects, engaging multiple decision makers, and being able to close deals in a timely manner. (Source)
  • 25% of small businesses are not even aware of what their lead generation conversion rates are. (Source)

But just because these struggles are common doesn’t mean that your business has to put up with them. The good news that there’s a tried and true strategy for overcoming these revenue roadblocks. That strategy? You guessed it: Inbound marketing.

How Inbound Marketing Improves Lead Generation and Lead Conversion

Before we dive in to the ways that inbound marketing is uniquely designed to address such problems, allow us to stop with the depressing statistics and present some more uplifting research.

  • Inbound marketing generates three times more leads per dollar than traditional methods. (Source)
  • Persona-driven, inbound-minded content (i.e. blog posts, eBooks, webinars, videos, etc.) increases the volume of sales-qualified leads (that is, leads that are ready to talk with a sales department and are close to making a purchase decision) by 45%. (Source)
  • Inbound marketing campaigns achieve higher ROI than outbound techniques alone, regardless of company size, geography or budget. (Source)

So, now that you’ve seen the stats, let’s get into how it all works. Inbound marketing revolves around meaningful content that generates attention and is easily shareable. Blog posts are usually the first pieces of content that consumers come into contact with. Through thoughtfully-placed calls-to-action included within these blog posts, visitors are then directed towards premium content, or more in-depth dives into a particular topic. (Think: eBooks, whitepapers, infographics, webinars, and more.)

Premium content is typically only accessible through the sharing of information. That means that in order to access your content, consumers must exchange their contact information for it. And just like that… Voila! A lead is born!

To learn more about the specifics of inbound marketing and what this strategy could look like for your business, grab a free copy of our eBook below.As you can see, having content that’s centered around an inbound marketing strategy not only increases the number of leads that businesses can generate, it simultaneously increases lead quality as well. That’s because the leads generated from an inbound strategy are already showing interest in your business’ products and services. They aren’t on the receiving end of a cold call and are having to be convinced of why they need a particular service. They actually sought out more information on their own, then metaphorically “raised their hands” for even more information on the issues that your products and services solve.

Inbound marketing immediately places your business in an ideal situation. You’ll be perceived as an industry expert who can be trusted to provide content that offers great advice. All the while, you’ll be able to filter through the loads of leads that aren’t worth your time to pursue (at least not yet) and focus your efforts on the increased number of sales-qualified leads that are coming in through your inbound-optimized website.

Ready to get started? Click below to schedule a complimentary consultation with us! Let’s get your business on the fast track to generating more leads that are more qualified!


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