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So, you've decided that inbound marketing sounds like the right direction for your business to go. Smart move considering the leads that are sure to follow and the reputation of an industry thought leader that is sure to develop. But now you're wondering: How much time does quality inbound marketing require of me? After all, you're a busy business owner and you don't have any excess time to give to a new marketing venture. 

We get it! That's why fuze32 was started: To do the heavy lifting when it comes to inbound marketing so that business owners can focus on what's most important to them while we handle the marketing side of things. After all, that's why we're in business: To be your partner in the inbound marketing process.How-to-Know-If-You-Are-Ready-to-Hire-a-Marketing-Firm-eBook

Before we continue further, know this: The benefits of having a strong inbound marketing strategy far outweigh any time commitment. When strategic content is created, it drives visitors to your website and generates qualifying leads. As you continue with your relevant, informative content, you are going to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. With payoffs like these, it's clear to see that you simply don’t have the time to ignore inbound marketing.

So, how much work are we talking about? What is really necessary from your staff in order to achieve such groundbreaking results? The bottom line is that one dedicated employee will need to plan on working with fuze32 for three to five hours a week for an effective inbound marketing strategy. Below, we're breaking down exactly what that looks like - for us and for your business. Check Out These Iconic TV Quotes if You Need Some Inspiration

The Role of fuze32 in the Inbound Marketing Process

When you need one-stop inbound marketing services, fuze32 is the answer. We know what it takes to be successful at inbound marketing strategies because we have been practicing inbound ourselves for the last four years. Our roles include:

1. Conducting back-end target persona research and keyword research

We must know who to create content for and what keyword phrases are going to be most effective to get the right customers engaged with your company.

2. Organizing and participating in brainstorming sessions

Effective content creation includes continual brainstorming to come up with new ideas. 

3. Creating outlines for all forms of content

Outlines ensure that the content being created follows a specific formula, making it easier to keep track of all content created.

4. Delivering the final versions of content

Before publishing any content on your website, we send over the drafts of all content for your final approval. 

5. Revising the content

If ever you think that any content needs reworking, that's on us! We revise content if it doesn’t meet the expectations set by the client.

6. Uploading and scheduling the content

After any necessary rounds of editing and optimizing for SEO purposes, we upload content into a visually-appealing format that is sure to catch consumers' attention.

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7. Promoting the content

We use a range of social media platforms, email, and traditional marketing strategies to promote the content created, further encouraging website visits that could turn into leads. 

8. Optimizing websites

We make sure your website is optimized for SEO, contains quality links, and provides a good user experience for those who visit.

9. Providing in-house advising and consulting

We provide advertising and consulting services in order to give you the full support you need when you are new to inbound marketing.

10. Providing extensive training

We offer extensive training for our client's sales and marketing staff, either on the use of HubSpot or any other aspect of the inbound marketing process.

Your Role as the Client in the Inbound Marketing Process

Now that you can see how much of the inbound marketing process is handled by fuze32, it’s time to take a deep breath. We do the majority of the work so that you don’t have to. With just three to five hours a week required of you, your roles as a client would include:

1. Approving all back-end research

No one understands your customers quite as you do. That's why we ask our clients to approve the research done by fuze32 and check our work to see that we're on the right track. If you have any additional insight about your target persona or keyword research results, we would welcome your input. This one-time event sets the stage for your future inbound marketing strategy.

2. Participating in brainstorming sessions

We need your opinion when it comes to the content you want to have created. This is a quarterly session and the individual in this role has the final say in approving both blog titles and premium content titles that are generated from our brainstorming.


3. Approving outlines

Outlines for all forms of content need to be approved on either a weekly or a bi-monthly basis.

4. Approving final versions of content

Final versions of content will need to be approved on a weekly or bi-monthly basis.

5. Participating in advising calls with fuze32

In weekly or bi-monthly advising calls, we will address training needs, general consulting services, and most importantly, we will discuss results.

6. Participating in training

Early on in the partnership, we will discuss HubSpot training and overall best practices for inbound marketing. This will involve all sales and marketing staff. Ongoing training is provided as needed.

Generating the Best Leads as a Thought Leader

While we are going to handle all of the details and the content creation, it's clear to see that we need your valuable input in the process to help us establish you as a thought leader in your industry. We need your opinions to make sure we are always promoting your business in the best way possible. Together, we will create a dynamic marketing team that will provide you with high-quality leads for years to come.


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