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Whether you’ve never heard of inbound marketing, you’ve heard a little but are still confused, or you’re already familiar with the process, we have just the event for you! Coming up in Columbia on Tuesday, June 4, 2019, we are teaming up with our parent company, Zimmer Communications, and Forbes Top 20 Speaker, Matt Sunshine, to bring you a seminar that you simply cannot afford to miss! Here are five reasons why your business must attend our upcoming inbound seminar, “A System To Generate Leads and Increase Revenue.

1. Learn how inbound marketing generates leads and increases revenue.

By reading the name of the seminar, you probably already figured this one out! To give a little more insight on what you’ll learn by attending, let’s talk about inbound marketing briefly. Without inbound marketing, businesses must rely solely on outbound methods of lead generation. Such methods typically involve cold calling prospects who are uninterested in the conversation in the first place. Inbound marketing turns that model on its head. Instead of having businesses seek out consumers, inbound allows consumers to actually be the ones to seek out businesses!

We won’t steal too much of Matt’s thunder prior to the seminar, but it’s easy to see that this method sounds so great, it’s almost too good to be true. Joining us on June 4 will allow your business the chance to hear firsthand why inbound marketing is such a great solution for companies who want to generate more leads and in turn, increase their overall revenue.

Want to learn a little more about inbound marketing before the seminar? Click here to learn how the process works in 150 short and sweet words.

2. Learn how to become a thought leader in your industry. 

Not only is inbound marketing about generating leads; it’s also about positioning your business as a thought leader, or an expert, in your industry. The fact is that consumers want to buy from businesses that prove that they know what they’re talking about. They want to feel confident that they’re spending their money with trustworthy people who are experts in their field. Through the use of strategically-designed, online content, inbound marketing can turn any business into the clear thought leader…before their competition steals that standing from them!

3. Hear from a Forbes Top 20 Speaker … in person!

Matt Sunshine isn’t just a random guy coming to rant about marketing for a few hours. He’s a nationally-acclaimed speaker who has experienced unprecedented success of his own in the world of inbound marketing. Matt has a way of captivating his audience and keeping them on the edges of their seats for the entirety of his discussion. His personal tips, tricks, and trends are valuable pieces of wisdom that businesses across the country have benefited from. Trust us: You do not want to miss the chance to hear what he has to say!

Oh, and did we mention that Forbes named him a Top 20 Speaker that you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to see?! Read more about that here.

4. Spend some quality time investing in the betterment of your business.

This is something that’s too often overlooked in today’s business world. Business owners, general managers, marketing and sales directors, and any others in prominent leadership roles are usually too busy running their businesses that they forget to take care of their company’s very own foundation.

Attending our inbound seminar will allow your business some uninterrupted, quality time to work on … well, YOU! Come take just half a day to learn about some quality marketing principles that can set your business up for long-term success! We promise that you will not regret the benefits that come from taking the time to invest in bettering your business.

5. Receive a free copy of Matt’s book, “Getting Prospects to Raise Their Hands.”

As we mentioned above, businesses should not want to miss out on the wealth of information that will be presented by Matt Sunshine on June 4! Not only will attending the seminar allow you to hear from Matt firsthand, but you’ll also take home his popular book, “Getting Prospects To Raise Their Hands.”

This book was written to help key players within business organizations navigate the changing research and buying patterns of prospects and clients. When applied, the principles and strategies in this book will help you generate more qualified leads for your sales team while also developing a new stream of revenue for your business. The book does a great job of simplifying things in an easily digestible format that’s easy-to-read and makes it hard to put down. Because the truth is: Inbound really is simple! It just takes a business leader who is open to implementing the system!

We hope it’s obvious that this seminar is one that you simply cannot afford to ignore! Join us at the Courtyard Marriott in Columbia on June 4, 2019 from 8:15 to 11:30 AM and see just why we’re so passionate about inbound marketing … And why we know you’ll be passionate about it too after attending!


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