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Whether you love or hate the Kardashian family, you can’t deny that they know what they’re doing when it comes to marketing their shows, products, services and well… their own family. It might be surprising to some, but we believe there are a few marketing lessons we can learn from this iconic family. 

1. Turn Lemons Into Lemonade 

It’s no secret that the Kardashians are controversial, and while your business may not be as controversial or as scandalous as them, they know how to make the best out of a negative situation. Kris Jenner would never let any negative situation affect her family's brand, so why would you? Take this negative opportunity as a way for your business to grow and learn from whatever situation you may have been faced with. Moral of the story: when you're faced with a crisis, don’t ignore it! Get in front of it and try to turn it in your favor, take those lemons and turn them into a tall, cold glass of lemonade. 

2. Engage with Followers on Social Media… A Lot 

One of the most famous Kardashian sisters, Kim, is pretty good at social media if we do say so ourselves. It’s not about how many followers she has, it’s about how she's engaging with them and how often that happens. Kim regularly engages with her followers giving them a look into her world and they even get to give her some insight, for example...

Kim will ask her followers for their opinions on her outfit choices asking what she should wear to a basketball game, sneakers and jeans or heels and leather pants? (we would choose sneakers and jeans by the way… we’re all about comfort.) But, it’s the little things like asking for her followers opinions and insights that people LOVE. 

Social media is a great opportunity to connect with your customers and Kim proves that. It helps your audience have an insight to your brand and your world, and people crave that. Kim’s three rules for social? Show your personality, engage with your followers and be open. 

3. Expand On What You Offer

Want to know another reason the Kardashians are marketing geniuses? It’s because they decided not to stay in one lane and now are in multiple lanes when it comes to what they have to offer. Their television show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, was huge for them, but they decided to expand on that. They now have multiple television shows, beauty brands, clothing lines, fragrances, mobile apps… The list could go on and on and we don’t have enough time for that. The point is, if your brand is relying solely on one product or service, you may want to seriously consider expanding. Having more options for your customers will only allow your business to grow and increase your brand awareness. 

4. Know Your Audience 

Believe it or not, but there is always a rhyme or reason to why the Kardashian family does something. It’s because they understand their audience and they do everything they can to appeal to them. Think about it, they know that people love them for their glamorous but drama-filled lifestyles and so they give the people what they want. When it comes to your business, take this approach, because knowing who your audience is and what they want to see is the key to appeal to them. Understanding their needs and wants allows you to position your brand in the best light. 

Try to Market Yourself Like a Kardashian 

We get it… They might not be your favorite people, however, there are some marketing lessons and tips we can pick up from them. Look past whatever dislike you have for them personally and try to see the strategy behind how they market themselves.

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