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Digital marketing is potentially one of the most effective strategies you can implement for growing your business. There are many reasons why digital advertising is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after advertising strategies: it is highly targeted and trackable. Digital marketing is flexible and offers tremendous reach. It is a powerful partner when combined with other more traditional advertising channels. However, it can also be one of the most confusing.  

Do you use SEO or SEM? Should you launch ConnectedTV or stick with Targeted Display? Should you always use remarketing and social media? And marketing is trackable, but that’s not helpful if you don’t know what the data means. 

And lastly, how do you know if any of it is working?

We've crafted a free resource designed with those questions in mind.  We talk with clients daily who want to make wise decisions with their digital advertising but feel like they lack the knowledge to do so. This ebook provides answers to questions they have been asking. Our goal is to provide the resources needed so that advertisers can be better informed. When that happens, everyone wins. Better decisions are made and better results are celebrated. 

This comprehensive Buyers Guide for Digital Advertising will be your go-to handbook for understanding digital marketing and getting the best results possible for your business.

fuze32Ebook-BuyersGuideDigitalAd-COVERGet the insight your business needs – from the basics of digital ads to more complex techniques like media buying and data targeting – with detailed advice on whom to partner with and how to maximize ROI.

This digital guidebook covers:

  • Proof, backed by data, that confirms the effectiveness of digital advertising for businesses of all sizes and from all locations around the US.
  • 4 reasons explaining the appeal of digital advertising for marketers. This section discusses the value of trackability, flexibility, compound effect, and precision.
  • A primer for understanding digital marketing. You’ll learn how digital marketing works with buyers at different phases of the buying funnel, and how those different strategies fit into your marketing goals.
  • An explanation of the different types of digital marketing and their strengths and the role each plays in moving consumers down the buying funnel:
    • Streaming video and the difference between CTV and OTT
    • Display ads
    • Retargeting and Remarketing
    • Geofencing and Geotargeting
    • Paid Search and SEM
    • A word about Inbound Marketing that talks about what it is and how it works.
    • A word about Social Media that also shares how it can be transformed from a fun pastime to a powerful marketing tool.

With this guide in hand, you'll gain a deep understanding of the art and science behind digital advertising to make informed decisions that impact your success. Learn how to confidently enter the world of digital advertising and better understand the right digital strategies for your goals. Get your copy today, and watch for more digital resources! You will likely also appreciate our Digital Dictionary and guidebook for Working with a Digital Agency

Buyers Guide for Digital Advertising

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