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Metrics! Metrics! Metrics! You can’t ignore them. They’re integral factors for the success of social media marketing. When metrics are used well, they lead to a positive return on investment (ROI). Whereas most marketers ignore the so-called vanity metrics, it benefits to understand the metrics that matter.

Continue reading to understand more about the significant social media marketing metrics that signal the real ROI. New call-to-action

What is Engagement?

Engagement helps signal progress and areas that need assessment. For instance, it is concerning to have a Twitter handle with a broad reach but a low engagement. It's telling you that you have a lot of people that follow your site, but that the content you are publishing isn't of interest to them. They don't find it worthwhile and are only passively interested. It's better to have high engagement from followers who actively click on your posts, share them, and comment on them. For a positive engagement that signals real ROI, be on the lookout for these factors:


It’s important to know that your audience shares your work. It indicates they value your content. Simply, shares indicate the quality of your content.


The more likes your post generates, the higher likelihood that your brand will reach a larger audience. That’s a great sign! Ideally, your fans are attracted to valuable, eye-catching content.


Links signal high-quality content, too- whether it’s the image or the title used. Normally, your fans will click on interesting, worthwhile content.

What is Click-Through Rate?

Your hyperlinked content significantly directs traffic into your funnel, hence increasing sales. Therefore, be sure to track the click-through rates on your content or the content your affiliate posts.

It helps you measure the actual success per piece and determine if the content posted aligns with your branding and the target audience. 

Thus, your click-through rates help you make firm decisions about future content. Moreover, it helps you improve your reach and future click-through rates. 


What are Leads in Digital Marketing?

Your primary goal should be to generate as many leads as possible. It benefits hiring a marketing agency like fuze32 to help generate more leads for your business through engaging, conventional content. Our professional services help boost your shares and likes for more leads. It’s time to do marketing reporting to identify actionable steps to improve your leads’ performance for a positive ROI. 

What are Conversions?

Every marketing strategy MUST have an aspect of evaluating the number of acquired clients. Nothing beats the joy of realizing your clients took action based on your created social media content. 

UTM parameters are used to track the number of leads you convert from social media. Simply, UTM parameters are personalized tags added to a URL. So, when your clients click on the link, the tags are relayed back to your analytics platform and eventually tracked. So, provide content that attracts your prospects and keeps them engaged. This is the best social media trick you’ll get (probably).

It’s important to track the right social media marketing analytics for investing in social media marketing. At fuze32, it’s our priority to meet you monthly and go over what is working and what isn’t. Contact us today for our professionally trained social media experts to help your business grow. 

We will help you create content that aligns with your brand and, in the process, gives you better and clear traction on social media. We are experts and understand that when used properly, social media can give your brand the necessary publicity and also some sales leads. Engage with us and start your journey to proper social media utilization for your brand.Why-fuze32-free-ebook

Originally published 4/21/21 - Updated 8/24/23

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