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Webinars have revolutionized digital marketing strategies, offering a dynamic platform to engage with audiences, showcase expertise, and drive results. Webinars are online, live broadcasts that allow your brand to present content to your customers worldwide. It consists of presentations, videos, web pages, or other media that are condensed in an easy-to-share, interactive format. In fact, one immensely important element of a webinar is the interactive component, allowing communication between your brand and your audience. Now, onto how to use webinars to elevate your current digital marketing game:

Recognize the Power

Through interactive presentations, webinars captivate audiences, build credibility, and establish thought leadership. Just consider statistics on webinars and their effectiveness as a marketing tool to appreciate the power that they give you as a business professional—around 20 to 40% of all webinar attendees, on average, turn into qualified leads. One single webinar could net you over 1,000 leads. The webinar market is only expected to grow in the coming years, reaching $4.44 billion by 2025. This shows the longevity of the tool and how it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. 

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Define Goals

Set an objective for each webinar to get the most out of your webinar. This means to consider what goal you are trying to meet. For example, a webinar can be used to reach a number of definable goals, such as product promotion, education, brand awareness, or lead generation. Obviously, your goal and what you hope to accomplish through the webinar will change the way the webinar is designed and promoted, so this is an important step in the process.

Choose Relevant Topics

Make sure to select topics that resonate with your audience’s interests and pain points, providing value and attracting higher attendance.  To determine this information, it’s a good idea to come up with a target audience or even a target persona or buyer persona. This gives you an idea of what your average customer is looking for, what would interest them, and what would be considered a relevant topic. There is no need to create content that doesn’t appeal to your audience, as this is just a wasted effort. Instead, make sure you get the most out of your webinar by making it applicable and relevant.

Craft Compelling Content

Deliver value through your webinar by using storytelling, statistics, case studies, and actionable insights, complemented by engaging visuals. In other words, ensure that your webinar is high-quality, fun to watch, and offers compelling content. Just consider what you are competing with in terms of entertainment nowadays, then make sure that the quality of your webinar is worthy of your audiences’ attention. In addition, it’s important to pay attention to the webinar format and ensure that it is best for engaging your customers. This can include panel discussions, single-speaker presentations, live Q&A,  interviews, and more.How-to-track-your-marketing-ROI

Promote Effectively

Utilize your website, blog, email lists, and social media platforms to create awareness for an upcoming webinar. You can also collaborate with influencers and partners for an even wider reach. Keep in mind that it does little good to fashion a high-end, high-quality, entertaining, and effective webinar if your audience knows nothing about it. Today’s audience is bogged down with things to do, so make sure you help them remember when to tune in to be part of your live webinar experience.

Engage Your Audience

Encourage participation with Q&A sessions, polls, and live chats, fostering connections and building credibility. While some webinar participants might not actually want to engage, it’s important to offer opportunities for those who do to feel they are truly taking part in the experience. Audiences love interaction experiences today, so make sure your webinar follows suit and offers such an experience for those who would like to participate. You don’t want an audience that is merely observing but one that is contributing to the webinar itself and making the entire broadcast more valuable and educational.

Follow-Up and Nurture

After a webinar is over, make sure you send follow-up emails with recordings, slides, and other resources. Nurture any leads you get from the webinar by offering promotions. You can even repurpose the webinar content for extended marketing reach. In other words, please don’t make the mistake of presenting a webinar and then shelving it, so to speak. Instead, use it in its entirety, getting the most value out of your marketing dollar and ensuring that you do the follow-up work necessary to benefit from the leads the webinar helped create. Experts agree that you should aim to follow up around 24 hours after your webinar. Don’t wait too long, as any amount of time past 48 hours means that your audience has likely mentally moved away from the event, making your follow-up inquiry less effective.

Measure Impact

Last but most certainly not least, utilize webinars to boost your digital marketing strategy and establish key performance indicators or KPIs to track attendance, engagement, conversions, and customer acquisition. Analyze all feedback you get and consider this information when creating future webinars. Knowing what did and did not work well will ensure that you improve your webinars as you move forward and eventually create more effective marketing tools.  

Don’t Forget About Webinars

Embrace webinars to supercharge your digital marketing strategy and achieve remarkable results. Webinars are still valuable marketing tools to utilize today. At fuze32, we are a full-service agency that understands the power and benefits derived from a high-quality webinar that is properly designed and then followed up on. Contact us today to learn more about how to create an engaging webinar for your brand and begin reaping the benefits of this marketing tool within your overall digital marketing strategy. 


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