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A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of a business’ ideal customer. Buyer personas are identified through researching segmented groups of existing customers and prospects. These groups are asked a series of demographic and behavioral questions in order for businesses to pinpoint exactly who their average customer is.

Buyer personas should be personified with a name, like “Business Owner Ben,” and should be treated as real people who direct your company’s overall strategies. Buyer personas are particularly necessary for inbound marketing purposes. Knowing details about your ideal customer’s buying patterns and behaviors gives businesses a structured plan for what kind of content they need to create, as well as how they can best communicate and market to their customers and prospects.

Without strategic research and careful consideration of your buyer persona, your business is at risk at of talking to the wrong types of consumers in the wrong places at the wrong times. So, don’t waste any more time praying that your business is reaching the right people. Find out who your buyer persona is and start marketing like you mean it!


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