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Effective advertising is about 3 things: the right audience, the right message, and the right frequency.

That’s where we come in. We specialize in all 3 and are very good at what we do.

In a nutshell, we are a full-service advertising agency specializing in comprehensive marketing strategy and creative campaign production. That’s a fancy way of saying that we help you find the right customers in the right places, uncover your business’s unique story, create a compelling and memorable campaign around that story, and we’ll tell that story until you see results.

We Leverage a Team Approach

Anybody can buy a radio schedule or place a print ad. Anybody can post on Facebook or write a blog. But not everybody can determine which concepts will work the best for your business, in your market, for your target consumer, and for your market position to accomplish your goals. To do that effectively takes a team of dedicated experts, each knowing how to leverage their area of expertise to get the most bang for your marketing buck.

For you, it’s easy. You will work with one account manager, and your account manager coordinates and conducts a symphony of talented and award-winning experts who are all focused on your goals. That team may include a designer, a web developer, a social media coordinator, a writer, a photographer, and more. We become an extension of your team. It’s a coordinated effort with a common goal…your business’ success.

fuze32’S Creative Team is WeirdWhy-fuze32-ebook

And in the creative world, weird is good.

They are an award-winning team consisting of the most talented writers, designers, voice talents, photographers, and videographers in the country. They are master storytellers who can capture the essence of a business, match that with your growth goals, and design a fully integrated marketing campaign that gets results.

fuze32’S Brand Strategy is Comprehensive

When you start working with our account manager, we’ll launch an investigation into your business and industry trends.  We conduct research to identify market potential as we understand your goals, where you’d like to grow, and what you want to accomplish with your business or brand in the next 3-5 years. 

With a network of research tools at our fingertips, that information fuels the strategy we propose. We won’t just tell you what we propose but will explain why we believe it to be your best-fit solution. Your brand strategy will be custom-designed for your specific objectives, target audience, and business. 

Then there’s our famous Brands-Marketing Workshop or BMW for short. You sit around the table with a hand-picked creative team. For 90 minutes, we’ll ask questions and listen to you talk about your business. We’ll hear your heart and soul, your dreams and passions, your goals, and your fears. That information is like gunpowder in a stick of dynamite. It fuels our creative team and inspires them to go to work for YOU.

fuze32 is Results-oriented

The best campaigns in the world aren’t worth much if they don’t drive results. We set campaign goals and hold ourselves accountable for those goals. Our team is conditioned to openly and honestly review key metrics on a monthly basis. These monthly discussions will help us be responsive to changes in your business, additional needs that affect the campaign’s success, and trends in the market or industry. We can provide additional resources as needed and make adjustments proactively.


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