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Social media marketing becomes more important with each passing day.  As time progresses, more businesses are transitioning away from conventional outbound advertising mediums of TV and radio to inbound marketing channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  More than half of the planet’s population uses social media.  Furthermore, the coronavirus pandemic has dramatically increased social media use as more people remain indoors, locked onto screens of varying sorts.  It is imperative your business finish strong on social media to round out the year.

Consider the Social Media Statistics When Developing Your Social Media Strategy

There is a common misconception that millennials and Generation Z are obsessed with Facebook while the baby boomer age cohort ignores this popular social media platform.  The truth is nearly every age cohort is hooked on Facebook or another social media platform.  This obsession has become even stronger during the pandemic that has forced the masses into quarantine.  Take a close look at the statistics and you will find baby boomers spent nearly 30% more time messaging on social media platforms during the pandemic.  Exactly one-quarter of baby boomers spent more time on social media platforms.  Furthermore, nearly 20% of the baby boomer age cohort spends more time using apps during the pandemic. 

With a vaccine at least a year away, baby boomers and others will continue to spend more time staring into their phone and computer screens, browsing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms.  A considerable portion of this time will be spent researching brands.  This is the perfect time to double-down on your social media marketing investment or implement social media into your overarching marketing strategy if you have not done so already.

Maintain Consistency and Authenticity When Using Social Media

Prospective and current clients favor businesses with a consistent posting frequency and tone of voice.  Provide your online audience with helpful information in a manner that reinforces your legitimacy and you will receive quite the positive response on Facebook and other social media platforms.  Above all, it is important to be consistent in terms of style, voice and posting frequency.  Develop your own online identity, stick to it, post with regularity and social media users will view your business as consistent and reliable.  However, it is a mistake to simply share the posts of others, retweet links to articles and refer your social media audience to the industry experts.  View social media as an opportunity to shine the spotlight directly on your business.  Present information in an authentic manner, be unique, reinforce your value proposition and carve out a truly idiosyncratic identity.

Be Straightforward With Your Audience

It is important to be as transparent as possible when using social media platforms.  If social media users question whether your company is forthright, they will venture toward the competition.  Drop your guard, tell it like it is, do not embellish your value offering and customers will respect your organization all the more.  Clarify your company’s purpose with your social media content and the response will be more enthusiastic than expected.

Recognize the Value of Dark Social Media

Do not overlook dark social media as you round out your 2020 social media strategy.  Dark social is that which is invisible, meaning unseen shares that occur through messengers, texts, email, etc.  Every business owner, manager and marketer should be aware of the fact that the top four messaging apps have more monthly active users (MAUs) than the leading four social media platforms.  Most business owners are surprised to learn more than 12% of mobile users in the United States rely on WhatsApp to communicate and share social media links.

Remain Abreast of Social Media’s Evolution

Social media is quite dynamic in that it continues to change in a rapid manner.  As an example, TikTok hit the scene in 2020, making quite the splash.  Your business should consider establishing a profile on this platform as well as others that spike in popularity as the year rounds out. Keep an open mind, pivot to new platforms as necessary and you will expand your online audience with each passing day. 

Social Media Trends of Note

Social media marketing is changing in that marketers are zeroing on target audiences rather than a broad audience.  Narrow the field to those most inclined to need or desire your product/service and you will maximize your social media return on investment.   Social ads are also changing, becoming more direct and dynamic.  Advances in social ads facilitates direct business straight from customers on Facebook and other social media platforms.  As an example, personalized ad experiences on Facebook transmits products in a dynamic manner straight to customers.  Video content is also on the upswing.  Embedding a video to your social media makes your written content all the more engaging while simultaneously helping your company connect with that many more customers, especially those who favor video content over the written word.

fuze32 Marketing is on Your Side

fuze32’s inbound marketing specialists are here to help you maximize the potential of social media.  Lean on us for social media guidance and your investment in inbound marketing through social media will pay considerable dividends across posterity. Our social media management service provides everything from Facebook retargeting to customized content, paid boosting, quarterly reports and plenty more.  Reach out to us today at 573.875.1099 or to learn more about our services.  You can also reach us online by filling out our convenient online contact form.


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