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Looking for leads? Well, the good news is that they’re not hiding from your business (even though it may feel that way at times). But of course, you don’t want just any leads. You want quality, hot leads. That is, you want leads who are already interested in your services, they’re well-educated on your business and industry, and they’re ready to buy from you. Dare we say you’re looking for fantastic leads?

But where can such leads be found in a distracting digital world that so often seems to drown out the voices of businesses that can deliver? Plot twist: The key is not in finding these leads, but in rising above the noise and making it easy for them to find you! The megaphone that allows companies to do so and as a result, attract fantastic leads to themselves, is called inbound marketing. This modern-day method works as a magnet, drawing fantastic leads directly to your business instead of requiring you to go out and find them on their own.

Not All Leads Are Equal

Finding leads on your own is not necessarily a bad thing in its own right; however, the key takeaway here is knowing that leads who must be sought out are typically not ready to hear from you just yet. These are often referred to as “cold leads,” meaning they are not warm to the idea of doing business with you and will require a hefty amount of extra work in order to convert them into customers. Outbound marketing methods used on cold leads, such as cold calling, usually result in dead-end conversations with consumers who are simply uninterested due to their lack of personal understanding. Because let’s face it: No one wants to be sold to; we all want to be educated first!

The reality is that in today’s on-demand world, people don’t buy anything without consulting Google. In fact, one study found that 79% of people take a relevant action on their phone prior to purchasing anything. On top of that, 88% of all consumers report conducting online research before swiping their credit cards. Obviously, consumers want to do their research and make smart buying decisions. They must know about a product and the business selling it before they’ll take the time to have a meaningful conversation about it. That’s why cold calling is tanking at an alarming rate.  

Fantastic leads, however, are special. These leads are “hot,” or in other words, they have already ventured through the stages of the buyer’s journey on their own time and are now looking to purchase. They are aware of their problem, they have already considered solutions, and they are now deciding that a particular business’ product or service is their answer. And can you guess whose business they typically decide to buy from? The one who educated them and provided valuable information in the first place!  

Let Them Find You

So, now that you know you’re aiming for fantastic leads who will quickly convert into paying customers, it’s time to develop your inbound marketing strategy and make a habit out of attracting these hot leads to your business. Because once again, that’s the beauty of fantastic leads: They find you!

Inbound marketing attracts such high-quality leads by utilizing content to draw them in. Content comes in many forms, including: blogs, eBooks, videos, webinars, podcasts, whitepapers, infographics, social media posts, and more. Having such content present on your website leads to a good standing with Google, or good SEO. This means that your content will be shown as an answer to relevant Google searches. This automatically positions your business as a thought leader, or expert, in your industry. It allows everyday consumers to turn into your website visitors, transform into fantastically educated leads, and eventually, become paying customers! All because you had the quality content to draw them in and answer their questions. It only makes sense that they would then turn to your business for their needs when you provided them with such value in the first place.

As we’ve learned, finding fantastic leads really isn’t about finding them at all. It’s about allowing these highly qualified consumers to find you and your inbound marketing content. Ready to take the next step and start creating and promoting content that results in your own, hot leads? Fantastic! Click below to learn more about our custom-tailored inbound marketing solutions.

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