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Did you know that 96 percent of visitors that come to your site are not ready to buy? Most likely, they will come to your page, close the tab, and forget about the information they just read. How can you stop that from becoming a recurring problem? Facebook retargeting may be able to help solve this issue. Facebook may be just what you're looking for to fine-tune results from your Facebook what is it and how does it work?

What is Facebook Retargeting? 

Facebook has the ability to add a custom pixel that tracks users who go to your website and helps to serve them custom ads based on the page they went to. Facebook then takes information it has collected on users who it retargeted to and allows you to create custom and lookalike audiences to target within your buyer persona - even if they haven’t visited your website yet. Finally, it sets advertisements and campaigns for every step of the buying funnel and tracks leads throughout the process. 

How it Works 

Have you ever looked something up and then it suddenly pops up as an advertisement on Facebook or Instagram? It may seem like Facebook has been creeping outside of its platform to listen to you, but in reality it’s because the website had a Facebook pixel embedded in it.

When a prospect visits your website, they will be tracked thanks to the custom pixel. When the prospect returns to Facebook, the platform knows they were on the site, and it will display the retargeted advertisement. After seeing the advertisement, they will be enticed to the website being able to make a more informed buying decision. 

Social Media Specialist, Hannah Downs, says, “We all share more information with Facebook than we think we do, and Facebook remembers that. This in turn allows Facebook to tailor your ad experience specifically to you. It sounds creepy, but if we were getting ads for things we weren’t interested in, it would make for a MUCH more frustrating experience.” 

The Stats

Facebook retargeting is a great way to increase attention and give people a compelling reason to make the purchase. Here are some more stats that shows why retargeting matters:

1. Stronger Conversions

Retargeting makes it 70 percent likelier to convert previous visitors into paying customers.

2. Supercharged CTAs

Retargeting can result in an 147 percent increase in average conversion rates when properly integrated.

3. Branded Search

Retargeting has been found to increase your branded search results by at least 500 percent.

4. More Site Visitors

Retargeting can deliver a 700 percent increase in overall site visitors due to improved advertisement exposure. 

Retain, Retarget, Convert

So, why would a business want to do Facebook retargeting? Well, this custom pixel allows a business to retain, retarget and convert customers easier. 


Facebook retargeting helps a business to take their built-in audience and entice them to re-purchase. 


If someone visits your website once, that shows interest. The pixel will track that person and serve them advertisements that make them want to revisit the website over and over again. 


Built-in, pre-filled forms make it easy for users to give you their information. Landing pages allow users to make a purchase or schedule an appointment immediately.

Don’t be that company that keeps reusing the same old Facebook advertisements for weeks on end… It is ineffective and can be costly. Instead, using strategic and thought-out Facebook retargeting advertisements ensures that your visitors are seeing what they need to see most while you meet your business goals. For more information on Facebook, check out our blog How Businesses Are Successfully Using Facebook and 10 Tips for Growing Audience Engagement on Facebook


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