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Every big decision in life deserves careful consideration and hiring a marketing agency is no exception. You want to make sure that any agency you employ is highly qualified to handle your business. To ensure you are hiring only the best, we provide four questions you should be asking during the interview process.

fuze32's Carrie Berkbuegler walks you through four important questions to have at-the-ready when exploring a partnership with a marketing firm: 


At fuze32, we can answer all the above questions and more. We can’t promise to be all things to all people, but when it comes to advertising, we can be all things to you! Contact us today to learn more and don’t hesitate to go off-script. These prompts are just jumping-off points, we welcome any and all additional questions you can think of, even asking us about our favorite fast-food restaurant or the name of our dog, the sky’s the limit here! 


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