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Here’s the situation. You’re a busy business owner. We’re a business that’s busy dedicating our time and talent to executing powerful inbound marketing strategies for other businesses. Do you see where we’re going here? You’re simply too busy to worry about researching your market, producing and promoting content, and measuring results from your inbound marketing strategy. But that’s what we’re here for!

Naturally, you’re wondering though, “How much of a role will my business actually have to play in the inbound marketing process?” Great question! We’re glad you asked! Below, we’re outlining your business’ role in your new inbound marketing plan. We hope this helps you realize how much your input and guidance matters, but we also want you to understand that when the rubber meets the road, we’re the ones getting our hands dirty and ensuring your inbound marketing strategy is successful.

Why You Have a Role in the First Place

Before we continue any further, we want to make sure that you understand why someone from your business should even have a role in your inbound marketing in the first place. After all, aren’t you “hiring” us to help you with your inbound marketing strategy? Absolutely! And trust us when we say that we will be executing and implementing every aspect of your inbound plan.

However, your involvement is still needed. Why? Because you know your customers and prospects better than anyone! When it comes to your role in your inbound marketing plan, consider yourself an “advisor” to us. We do the heavy lifting on all aspects of your inbound marketing, while you approve or suggest changes that will help keep up on the right track with your unique audience. We believe it would be irresponsible of us to move full steam ahead without asking for your opinions along the way.

But how much time and work are we expecting from you exactly? The bottom line is that one dedicated employee from your company (perhaps a marketing director) will need to plan on working with fuze32 for anywhere between three to five hours a week. Doing what? See below.

Your Business’ Role in Your Inbound Marketing Plan

Your involvement in your inbound marketing plan will include the following aspects. Worth noting: We spend ample time on the front end ensuring that your business is well-trained and comfortable doing each of the following tasks.


Like we stated above, no one understands your customers quite like you! That's why we ask our clients to approve the research done by fuze32 and check our work to see that we're on the right track. If you have any additional insight about your target persona or keyword research results, we welcome your input. This one-time event sets the stage for your future inbound marketing strategy, so it’s important to us that we keep your business involved in the process.


We need your opinion when it comes to the content we create for your business. Our brainstorming sessions are typically done quarterly and your business will have the final say in approving blog titles, premium content titles, and overarching topics and campaigns that are generated from our brainstorming efforts.


Outlines for all forms of content should be approved by your business on either a weekly or a bi-monthly basis. This ensures that the direction of your content will go the right way before we ever even start writing.


Final versions of content should also be approved on a weekly or bi-monthly basis. We want only the best and most relevant versions of content to be published on your business’ website.


In weekly or bi-monthly advising calls, we will address training needs, general consulting services, and most importantly, we will discuss results.


Early on in the partnership, we will discuss HubSpot training and overall best practices for inbound marketing. This will involve all sales and marketing staff. Ongoing training will be provided to your team as needed.

We hope we’ve made it clear that when it comes to your inbound marketing plan, fuze32 is going to handle all of the details and the content creation; however, we also want your business to understand why we need your valuable input along the way. Your business having a role in the inbound marketing process means that we have significantly better chances of generating quality leads and establishing you as a thought leader in your industry. Together, we will create a dynamic marketing team that will provide you with worthwhile results for years to come.


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