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As technology has continued to change the professional world, how we communicate has changed as well. LinkedIn, a social networking platform built specifically for professionals to network and share relevant industry content, has revolutionized the way we keep in touch with our colleagues. Rather than always needing a face to face meeting to network with peers or leaders in your industry, we can now ‘connect’ in a different way: with over 260 million active monthly users, LinkedIn is one of the most effective ways to stay top of mind with your audience while also networking with prospective new talent. Check out our three reasons why your company LinkedIn page matters:


1. You Can Develop Your Brand

LinkedIn company pages are essential because they act as a direct landing page for your business across LinkedIn: in this sense, your company page is the face of your business on LinkedIn the same way your website is the face of your business when someone searches for your industry on Google. This is especially important if you are a B2B company: LinkedIn reported that 61 million of its users are senior level influencers with an additional 40 million users being in decision making positions. This means there are over 100 million senior level leaders on LinkedIn who could be seeing and engaging with your brand, making it especially important to ensure your company LinkedIn page is up to date and truly reflective of your business.

2. You Can Strengthen Your Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the process of creating content that attracts your audience and encourages them to engage with your brand. The appeal of inbound marketing is that it can keep your brand top of mind with your audience while also developing trust and loyalty with customers who are already interested in your product or service. LinkedIn is the perfect platform for inbound marketing due to its emphasis on activity and interactive content: due to its professional nature, LinkedIn users are actively looking for new content and business trends that may be relevant to their industry. By utilizing your company LinkedIn page as a consistent source for inbound marketing content, you will increase your brand visibility on the platform while also developing a reputation as an industry leader.

3. You Can Connect with Prospective Employees

As a professional social networking platform, LinkedIn is one of the most efficient methods for connecting with prospective employees. Rather than being modeled after a job board such as Indeed where candidates actively look for specific roles, LinkedIn is tailored around a more passive recruitment process. ‘Connecting’ with another user is similar to Facebook, where you can see content they are tagged in as well as posts they share through LinkedIn. This is a great opportunity to encourage your current employees to become LinkedIn brand ambassadors: every time an employee posts about work or updates their employment history, this increases the visibility of your company on LinkedIn. Sharing posts from company LinkedIn pages creates a ripple effect across each employee’s network, leading to significantly better exposure for your company LinkedIn page. This can better showcase your company culture and create a more enticing opportunity for prospective employees who can then engage with your content. Additionally, LinkedIn allows company pages to post up to two job listings: this allows candidates to apply through LinkedIn, giving employers a pool of active and passive prospective candidates.

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