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American industrialist Andrew Carnegie once said, “teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct the individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives.” This quote exemplifies the value of teamwork over the accomplishments of any one individual. This is true in every aspect of business but maybe even more so in marketing. At fuze32, we believe a well-equipped marketing team can and will ignite your business through effective advertising. However, before you can trust us to create a new marketing approach for your business, you need to understand why you should choose a team approach over that of an individual salesperson:

Combines Industry Expertise

Yes, one individual in the form of a salesperson can consider how to use your marketing budget to relate to as many customers as possible. However, a marketing team brings the expertise of every member to the table. This means each person individually contributes with their skill set and knowledge of various industries to form a complete and comprehensive approach to your marketing strategy. Consequently, your marketing strategy will be more effective.

The Team Works For You

Any person can place an ad, schedule a radio spot, write a Facebook status or create a blog post. Not everyone will do these things with your business’s benefit in mind. Sometimes, not always, but often, a salesperson is only committed to something as long as it is beneficial to them. They will disappear as soon as they make the sale and leave you high and dry to maintain your marketing strategy. A marketing team is engaged for the long haul. They are committed to your business’s success and will continue to alter strategies to ensure you are getting the most bang for your marking bucks.

Get The Most Out of Your Marketing Investment

Speaking of the cost of marketing, it has been shown that around 50% of all business will allocate at least $500,000 to their digital and/or traditional marketing efforts yearly. This is no small amount. Therefore, it’s vitally important to the overall success of your business that you have a team on your side, a team made up of industry experts who have the special skill sets needed to create a well-rounded, effective marketing campaign that will work. In other words, you don’t want to spend this money on a singular person who might get too busy to work on your business’s ongoing and evolving marketing needs. Instead, it’s better to invest in a team approach that is in turn invested in your success.

Marketing Teams Are Data Driven

While the thought of data driven marketing might not sound exciting, it’s extremely effective. Marketing teams know how to read pertinent data and use the information to tweak your current marketing strategy or create subsequent pathways. They can successfully identify leads and know how to target them effectively. A good marketing team will constantly monitor data and focus on your target audience, always aiming to pinpoint the right leads and turn them into customers. A salesperson is much more apt to just focus on networking and individuals. While this is important too, a marketing team is more effective overall when it comes to ROI.

What All This Means

Although a salesperson has merit, of that there is no question, for marketing, a team approach is just better. The above reasons reveal why. If you are still unsure if a marketing team is the right move for your company, consider the benefits of partnering with our marketing team at fuze32. It’s easy for you. You will interact primarily with an account manager who will then serve as the conductor to a symphony of talented and award-winning experts who are focused on working towards achieving the goals you have set for your business. This team of experts usually includes a web developer, social media coordinator, a writer, a photographer and more. Let us become an extension of your current business team and work toward the common goal of your business’ success!


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