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Omnichannel Marketing is the use of multiple marketing strategies for advertising, whether it’s traditional media like radio and magazine to digital, social media, website, print design and social influencer voices and more. Integrated Marketing is making sure that the messaging, campaign focus, and target audience for all the marketing channels selected is in sync with a coordinated campaign designed to maximize results.

At fuze32, we leverage the best of both techniques for making sure our clients get the results they’re desiring. To do omnichannel marketing well, you have to have access to and expertise in each channel available. Professionals in each channel coordinate their strategy around a client’s growth goals to make sure the right blend is selected. To execute integrated marketing, the creative design, offer and voice for each independent strategy must be aligned so that customers have a consistent experience. A successfully integrated campaign creates a seamless messaging system.  When that happens, a campaign builds momentum much faster than it would if it were limited to a single channel…or worse multiple channels competing against each other.

Here’s fuze32’s Carrie Berkbuegler with more tips on how this is accomplished for clients at fuze32:



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