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The best campaigns in the world aren’t worth much if they don’t drive results. We set campaign goals and hold each other accountable for those goals, and our team is conditioned to openly and honestly review key metrics and areas of success on a monthly basis.

These monthly discussions help us be responsive to changes in your business, additional needs that affect the campaign’s success, and trends in the market or industry and we will provide additional resources as needed and make adjustments proactively. But the truth is that not all marketing agencies prioritize these kinds of monthly meetings. Here are some things you should be expecting from your marketing partners during your monthly meetings.

1. Your Agency Should Provide Adequate Reporting on All Efforts

To some, this may seem like a standard expectation. But some marketing agencies don't always put this as a real priority. Not only this but some seem to expect that you will want to keep working with them over time with no quality presentations or proof of success. Our team will provide custom reporting presentations during our monthly meetings depending on the products and services you choose to include in your marketing plan. For instance, if you choose to include social media marketing in your plan, we won't bother reporting on vanity metrics that don't relate to your specific goals and objectives. 


2. Your Agency Should Come Prepared with an Agenda

"Winging it" is never a good idea when it comes to your marketing strategy. And it goes without saying that your hired marketing agency should not be doing this either. Your marketing agency partners should be prepared with an agenda for each of your monthly meetings to make sure nothing gets lost in the shuffle of communication and that the meetings stay on track. Your time is valuable, and the time spent in your monthly meetings should be worth your while.

3. Your Agency Should Be Open to Change

Nothing is more frustrating than people who refuse to be open to change, or who do not have a growth mindset. We push innovation and are very aware internally that your business will be different in five years. Because we set up regular monthly marketing meetings with you, we stay responsive and will efficiently and effectively respond to changes in your business, industry, or economy. We evolve and grow with you, making changes on the fly as needed. If your strategy isn’t working...we gather and respond instantly.

4. Your Agency Should Provide You Further Recommendations

Because we are unafraid of change, we are always looking to offer more services to our portfolio so that we can stay relevant, resourceful, and results-oriented. If it is clear that an element of your marketing strategy is not working as well as it could, we are happy to pivot, adjust, and make further recommendations. We have enough experience and a variety of expertise in-house to bring a lot to the table when it comes to product and service solutions. This way we don't have to pull in various contractors or other outside agencies to help.

Monthly meetings are a key element to a healthy client-agency relationship dynamic. They help you stay connected, and on track to meet your business's specific goals and objectives that you aim to achieve through your marketing campaigns and strategies. Our team realizes this, and it is one of our core principles to always make these meetings a priority. If you are interested in learning more about our team, and what it would look like to work with us as your full-service marketing agency, feel free to contact our team for a free consultation, or download a free copy of our eBook, "Why fuze32?", below to learn more!


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